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Revelation Easter Egg Guide Walkthrought Part 2 - Back Ops 3 Zombies

Map Layout: Full Map Layout

Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Secrets: 7 Helmet Guide -- Secret Melee Weapons  -- Al's (Weasel) Hat --

Musical Easter Eggs: "The Gift" -- Radio Compilation --

Step 4 - Bone Collector

For this step we will be collecting / shooting body parts that are scattered throughout the level. Rather than describing where each location is, I have included NOAHJ456's video on this step below which runs between 3mins 21 secs to  5 minutes 18 secs.

In order to do this step you will need to have Pack A Punched a gun that shoots bullets and the upgraded Apothicon Servant. Basically what your going to do is shoot certain objects and items such as rocks, and when you do, a body part will come flying out and allow you to pick it up with the Apothicon Servant. You will know you have done each part correctly when the Audio Confirmation plays for each one.

There are 6 bones to collect in total.

Step 5 - Now you see a skeleton.....now you don't

After collecting all of the gruesome body parts, you need to head on over to Nacht Der Untoten and you will see all of the body parts you have collected on the floor, in the room with the blue glow in an upstairs section.

Simply walk over to them rattly bones and shoot them with the Apothicon Servant. Just like you saw before when collecting these body parts, they will fly up into the energy ball type thing the Servant shoots and work its magic on them. Once the energy ball disappears and you check where the bones were, you will now see Samantha's body lying there instead.

 When her body has appeared your probably wondering what the heck do I do now? Simples, as you probably already guessed, shoot the body again with the Apothicon Servant and let the magic do its thing. When its over, returned to her bodies location to find a shiny audio reel with your name on it. This is the 3rd and final audio reel that you have to collect on this map.

Pick up the audio reel and then head over to the Origins area of the map shown in the picture below and hook that bad boy up, crank up the base and fully listen to the audio reel before moving onto the next step, otherwise the next step WILL NOT activate.

Step 6 - I ain't afraid of no ghost!

When SOPHIA appears on the map, its not change of underwear or squeaky bum time, it means its simply time to redirect the laser beams from the 4 different laser turrets on the map to SOPHIA. These can be done however lets start with what we know first:

Verruckt has 2 different locations where the laser needs to be pointed towards in order to catch the correct angle to reflect the laser beam back to SOPHIA. All you need to do for each area is activate the laser turret and without swinging it around like a nut job, pointing it to either side of where you see the blue floating rocks directly up in the air in front of the laser turret. When you get the correct angle, the laser beam will catch and lock into place for you, letting you move onto the next one.

The Main Spawn area is the next area with a laser turret and you should shoot the area shown in the image below to lock the laser in:

 Next up is Der Eisendrache's laser turret. All of the turrets seem to catch the target slightly to the left of the left most floating blue stones. Keep waving the laser around till you nearly have a heart attack when you see the laser firing back at you.

Then the last area is everybody's favourite....Mob Of The Dead. Do the same again and lock phasers and shoot that blue rock to complete this section. Once completed, you will bring the SOPHIA computer orb back from the afterlife to the land of the living and follow her on her travels.

Go back to where she was located and hold the USE button on her. She will enter this dimension and the hunk a junk will be on the move straight away. She will head over to the Kino Der Toten teleporter where you need to hop into the teleporter and get ready for a ride on the wild side. SOPHIA will fly overhead and power up the teleporter and you will be teleported to Samantha's house / room. Why we couldn't just know on the front door to see if anyones home? We will never know...

When you teleport into her house, you will end up in her bedroom. Once here you will have a limited time to pick up a very important item. This is the BOOK sitting on the end of Samantha's bed. Make sure to grab it fast and then you can look around the room as you will automatically be teleported back to Kino Der Toten in a few seconds after arriving.

When you do get back to the theatre, you place the book on top of the podium. Doing so will release spirits which will shoot out towards the ceiling. When they have disappeared, head up the stairs to the spotlight room above the theatre and you will see a purple symbol appear on the ground indicating you have completed this step successfully.

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If you are unsure about any of these steps, simply check out NOAHJ456's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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