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Mega Mix Musical Radio in Revelations Zombies - Black ops 3

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Hi guys,

here is another one of the musical Easter Egg within the awesome Revelations Zombies map in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. This is one of the best ones as it activates an old radio that appears to play every single song that has been on any zombies map....ever!

This world war 2 style radio was the Ipod back in the day during war times and usually broadcast bad news about war, mainly about losses sustained, enemy movements, news broadcasts and how well the country was doing in battle. This zombies radio however puts the doom and gloom away and whips out a disco ball instead to cheer up this part of Revelations i.e. the Nacht Der Untoten section of the map.

The radio appears after activating 4 different switches in Nacht Der Untoten section. 2 Switches are on the ground floor and 2 are on the upper floor. All you have to do is find them, press the USE button on them to activate them, and then run to the area shown where the radio will then appear on top of a wooden crate.

They didn't have Bluetooth controls, nor remote controls to change the tracks, however this radio has a novel way of pausing and changing tracks, which if performed on any modern radio today, would see it heading for the dump straight after your attempt.

The Key Point to note is:
  • Press the buttons as quickly as possible to initiate the radio spawn
  • Buttons can be pressed in any order

Lets find out the locations of these button switches...

2 Switches on lLwer Level of Nacht Der Untoten

Button 1 is in the corner of Nacht Der Untoten where there is a broken wall on the left in a corner, along with a door that's slightly ajar looking out into the abyss and a little bit of rubble to the right of it. Simply run up to it, hit the USE button until you hear the strange sound activate, letting you know you have done it correctly. The picture below should help you pin point the location to a T.

Button 2 is almost symmetrical to the first button on the opposite side of the ground floor. From button 1, simply spin around and run past the stairs which are on the left, then follow the short wall on the left until you come to the corner of this side of the map. Button 2 is on the wall in that corner playing hide and seek on you. The wall it is on is all cracked and crumbling...looks like their plasterer done a terrible job building this bunker. The picture below pin points Button 2 even more precisely than GPS could.

2 Switches on Upper Level of Nacht Der Untoten

Button 3 is literally on the stairs that lead up to the second floor of Nach Der Untoten bunker. When heading up the stairs, turn to the right and the switch will be located in the corner on the wall. These are the stairs that do not lead directly into the room that Juggernaut is located....they are the other flight of stairs.  Do what you do best and hold that USE button to activate it and move on up the stairs to go onto Button 4. Picture below.

Button 4 is located in the room where Juggernaut is located, which if coming up the stairs from Button 3, you can simply enter through the open door way to locate. Look for the other flight of stairs and head over to the top of them and look behind the part of wall that sticks out slightly just beside this flight of stairs. You will see another button located on this wall. Simply hit USE and then you are ready to start DJ'ing downstairs in the bunker with your new radio.

Once all 4 buttons have been pressed in time, you will hear Samantha laughing letting you know she is ready to get on the dance floor. Head down to the bottom floor again and over to where the Random Crate spawns, if it is not hear the teddy will be sitting on top of the boxes to the left, and locate the wooden crate with the wings symbol on it. The radio will appear on top of it.

 Now the controls for the radio are a little strange:
  • To Play - Shoot it
  • Skip Tracks - Shoot it again
  • To Stop - Knife it
Please don't try this one your radio at home!

In all there is about 15 tracks or so on this thing, it is great to chill out and take a break from zombie slaughtering for a few minutes. However it can only be heard when going through teleporters in the background or in the Nacht Der Untoten area of the map.

Still unsure how to activate this musical master piece? Check out NGTZombies video below to give you step by step guide to activating this Easter Egg.

Thanks for reading guys as always and enjoy!


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