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Revelations Keeper Protector Build Guide - Black Ops 3

Map Layout: Full Map Layout

Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Secrets: 7 Helmet Guide -- Secret Melee Weapons  -- Al's (Weasel) Hat -- Summoning Altar --

Musical Easter Eggs: "The Gift" -- Radio Compilation --

Hey guys,

here is how you build the Keeper Protector in Revelations Zombies for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. They say a cat has 9 lives, well in the zombies world, your buildable parts have 9 spawns rather than lives. This means each part can spawn in one of 3 different locations in each area on the map. They are not to hard to find, once you know where to look, but you may already have stumbled across them when searching and ransacking the rooms looking for Easter eggs.....and I don't mean the chocolate ones the Easter bunny carries around.

Lets get the lowdown on these 9 spawn locations for the pieces that are required to build the Keeper Protector and summon him,

Part 1 - Purple Shard
Location 1 - Der Eisendrache Bucket

This purple shard piece is located in the underground section of Der Eisendrache in a bucket containing a cloth. It is quite easy to spot in this location as the purple is quite vibrant and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Location 2 - Der Eisendrache Pyramid

If the shard is not in location 1, head up the stairs towards the pyramid in Der Eisendrache where the Dragons Head used to be in front of the pyramid, in the basement of the castle. You will find it under some of the blue glowing rubble that has fallen onto part of the pyramid as shown in the picture above. It will be just in the corner of the pyramid playing hide and seek on you.

Location3 - Kino Der Toten Table

For the last location we need to leave Der Eisendrache and head over to Kino Der Toten. Head past the projector room, then enter the seating area for the main stage, head down the stairs and take a left and you will see that the purple shard will be sitting on a nother piece of cloth, like a shirt, on the table in the corner near where the Gobble Gum Machine is located.

Part 2 - Flag Part
Location 1 - Origins Sandbags

First head over to the Origins area to see if this part has spawned here first. We are looking for a flag part at this point. It is in the area where the mystery crate was in the original Origins map and there are two largish areas, like fields, where the giant robot foot used to stamp down onto and above the trench that takes you to the door to access the Mob Of The Dead area from this side of the map.
Location 2 - On Top Of The Mound
If the Flag Part is not located in the first spawn location, simply head on up the hill in the trenches of Origins to the top of the mound and open the debris door that grants you access to the part that has the stairs and lets you proceed down into the Ritual Chamber below in the original Origins map. Don't go down the stairs of course, that would be just crazy, as the part is just to the left of the debris door as soon as you open it nestled into one of the corners. Simply pick it up if its there, if not, lets head onto spawn location 3.
Location 3 - Mob of the Dead Cafeteria
If the flag part isn't in location 1 or 2, now you can head down the stairs at the top of the mound and into the small tunnel section underneath. This will lead you to the Mob Of The Dead area. Simply head down the stairs in the central prison block and into the cafeteria area, where you will find the flag part sitting up against one of the green walls, right beside the MULE KICK PERK MACHINE.
Part 3 - Keeper Skull / Skull of Nan Sapwe
Location 1 - Verruckt
Now we need to head over to the Verruckt area and the downstairs room which leads out into the main courtyard area and to the jump pad for this location, has the gatekeeper skull sitting on one of the shelves as an ornament. Simply snap it up and move on. If its not in this spawn location. move onto location 2.
Location 2 - Wheelchair
If its not at spawn location 1, don't panic! Get a hold of simply may be at location 2 or 3. Simply exit the room you are in, out the door as if heading towards the portal for the Verruckt area and take an immediate right and head up the steps. When you get to the top of the stairs, look immediately left and you will find it sitting on the wooden wheel chair. Who knew a skull could operate and need a wheelchair.....but this is zombies and stranger things have happened right?
Location 3 - Another Wheelchair....this skull gets around rightly!
If its not at location 2, your starting to panic right? Wrong! From the stairs you came up follow the corridor on round and go through the kitchen area. When you come out the other side of the kitchen, a wheel chair will be against a table and the skull will be sitting on it having a nap.
Can we build it? Yes we can!!
Now that we have all the parts at our disposal, read the instructions like a Lego set before assembling, and then we can head over to one of the STONE SLABS that are on the walls in each of the different areas. Simply hold the USE button on the controller to begin constructing this awesome altar that summons the gatekeeper and makes him your little side kick for a while, kind of like the Robin to your Batman.
He will not only kill zombies but also repel large groups of them with a burst of spherical energy he omits sometimes, pushing zombies and Margwa's etc back a bit when its getting a little too hot to handle. He will also throw electricity bolts out to stun and kill the zombies at the same time. The only down side is it costs 5000 credits to summon him each time, but he makes up for it with his killing skills and anyone would pay this to see a master zombie kick asser at work.

He will also allow you to get the KEEPER HELMET which has many benefits and boosts your players stats and perks when wearing it in this level. If your not sure what helmet's are available in this map, you should check out my 7 Helmet's In Revelations Guide.
 Still not sure how to find these 3 parts? Check out MrRoflWaffles excellent video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys, enjoy.

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