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Zombies In Spaceland Easter Egg Guide - Infinite Warfare Zombies

Secrets: Elemental Weapon Upgrades -- Turning On Power -- Pack A Punch -- N31L Upgrade --

Buildables: SETI-COM -- Face Melter -- Shredder -- Headcutter -- Exquisite Arcane -- Dischord

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Hi guys,

here is the start of the full Easter Egg Guide for "Zombies in Spaceland" for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. This is one crazy, fun and whacky level that will keep you entertained for hours, not just for the enjoyment of slaughtering zombies, but also in the little mini games and arcade machines that are dotted around the map to keep you busy.

The Easter Egg can be completed on Solo or Co-op mode it doesn't matter, however it is easier of course the more players you have, as it means the more guns, firepower and kick ass backup you will have to rescue you out of tight spots. In solo mode if you go down of course, you have only yourself to blame when things go wrong.

Lets get started on the main Easter Egg to get closer to obtaining the "Soul Key" East Egg achievement for this map.

Step 1 - Space....the final frontier!

First of all before we do anything we need to have done the following actions:
  • Opened up the entire map fully, allowing ease of access to each of the areas
  • The power switched on to bring Spaceland to life
  • Found all 3 parts and built the SETI COMM
  • Used the portals within the map to reach the Pack A Punch machine at least once

Once all of these have completed, in the round following these completed steps, you will notice in the POLAR PEAK MOUNTAIN area, there will be a UFO which will start to flash all different colours, making the whole level shake, as well as a strange sound being played. This indicates, no your not being abducted....I know what your thinking, that you can now actually start to do the Easter Egg.

Now you need to find the DJ that appears on the map. This can be in one of 3 locations as he is very in demand and popular with his wheels of steel
  • Kepler
  • Journey Into Spaceland
  • Bang Bangs (Outside Polar Peak)

When you find the DJ, request a track if you like but he probably won't have it, go up to him and press the USE button on him. He will then hand you over the SETI COMM which you must take and place around the map in a total of 3 locations. There is in total, 7 different locations that the SETI COMM can be placed in, however you will only have to place it in 3 of these locations and as you guessed, the locations changes each time you play or the SETI COMM gets destroyed in.

The locations you can place the SETI COMM down in are:

  • Polar Peak Gift Shop
  • Coloured Fountain Outside Bang Bangs
  • Keplar System area, fountain beside the giant crocodile mouth
  • Journey Into Space area in front of the spinning trap
  • Underground kitchen next toe Stamin-Up perk machine
  • Bumper cars area
  • Polar Peak Entrance

You know you have arrived at the correct locations in your play through as the screen will start to shake when you come close or walk over an active location that you can place the SETI COMM. Running over the areas means the shaking will not take place and you may bypass this placement location.

Remember back to your school days like the teacher says in the playground, walk don't run! Mind you ,you didn't have a giant killer zombie chasing you at that point like we are dealing with here....guess that's why rules were meant to be broken....cause of zombies.

Once the SETI COMM has been placed down, you must defend it from zombies who will attack and try to destroy the device. You must defend it from the zombies, sort of like the Shrines in Zetsubou No Shima in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 if you remember. When you place it for the first time, it will be down for a total of 60 seconds you will need to defend it from destruction. An icon will appear on the SETI COMM showing its current health and the amount of time it has left before you have completed this defence placement.

If the SETI COMM is destroyed, a nuke will go off, don't worry you have your nuclear deterrent sun cream on, and you will have to run back to the DJ wherever he currently is, hold USE on him, and he will give you a new one to repeat the process over again.

When you successfully complete a defending location, a nuke will go off again and spawn a MAX AMMO powerup for your troubles. Pick up the SETI COMM and you will have to play through to the end of the current round you are on in order to activate the next defence spawn location to place the SETI COMM down on. The next area however, the SETI COMM timer will be at 90 seconds instead of 60, making it a little bit tougher to hold onto it.

The third area you place it down on will be the most difficult as it has a timer of 2 minutes to be defended so be prepared and get as many traps built, weapon power ups and perks etc. that you will need before taking on this last part as it is not an easy feat.

Step 2 - Speaker up....I don't like your tone

Once all the SETI COMM locations have been defended against the zombies hordes, you will need to find the DJ again and press the USE button on him again. He will give you a cool speaker, probably not Bose or Sonos, that will be placed in 4 locations which are:

In front of Journey Into Space area
In front of Kepler area
Area just before Polar Peak
In front of the Pack A Punch Portal

These locations will be marked with a golden style circular disc. You simply just press the USE button to place the speaker on top of these discs. Once all four speakers have been placed, you just need to go over to one and press the USE button which will say "Press to play tone". This is all you do if playing in SOLO mode.

If playing in Co-op mode, the speakers play different tones, and you need to play them in sequence starting from the speaker with the lowest tone, up to the one with the highest tone. When you get the correct sequence, you will see the speakers emitting a different coloured light from them, letting you know you have done this correctly.

Now what you must do is write down, or remember if you have a good photo graphic memory, which colours are allocated to which speakers. This is because they will quickly disappear once the giant UFO appears overhead. Each location where you placed a speaker will have its own colour and this changes totally randomly every play through so if you have wrote the colours down at each of the locations from a previous play through, they more than likely will not be the same as before.

The four colours to remember are:

All these colours take reference to the giant UFO hovering above your head that's set to start an interstellar war and wipe out the human race on earth if you type the wrong sequence into it......just kidding.....there's not as much pressure on you as that. If you get the sequence wrong and confirm it, submit it to the UFO, it will NOT spawn the brute you are going to fight.

The UFO will emit, kind of like the game again in most zombies maps called Simon says, a colour sequence that you need to write down or memorise. You then need to repeat these sequences by playing the tones from the speakers, each speaker is related to the colours you seen before the colours disappeared. You will have a certain amount of time to input these sequences once the UFO has emitted the pattern. Basically do all 4 ASAP, pronto, don't hold onto your horses....try and do it the same speed Usain Bolt does the 100m sprint in.

Once you have got the correct code, the UFO will flash indicating this part is complete. It will then start emitting another pattern of colours a few minutes later which you must also complete in the same way you done the previous colour sequence. Then another sequence of colours, making it a total of 3 colour sequences need to be completed.

You will know you have done it correctly as you will hear Willard Wyler quotes being heard as he spawns in some scary crazy clowns to help kill you, as if the zombies weren't enough right?

Kill them all so we can move onto the next step.

Unsure of any of the steps? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below for tips:

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