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Elemental Weapon Upgrades in Zombies In Spaceland - Infinite Warfare

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Buildables: SETI-COM -- Face Melter -- Shredder -- Headcutter -- Exquisite Arcane -- Dischord

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Hi guys,

here is how we upgrade each of our weapons in Zombies In Spaceland for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. These upgrades add a bit of elemental firepower to the guns, each element of course coming in a different flavour, just like the elemental staffs that were in the Zombies map "Origins" from Black Ops 2 days.

First we need to have unlocked the Pack A Punch portal so that we can get to the Pack A Punch machine room, which houses the SOUL URN. We need to locate the SOUL URN and press the USE button on it to release 4 UFO's that have been trapped inside it.

Once they are released within the Pack A Punch room, they will fly into the portal and into the big bad world of Zombies in Space. Exit the portal and when you reappear, you will notice that around each of the zombies traps in the main areas, there is a UFO flying around it.

The locations of these UFO's are classified.....not they are at:
  • "Journey Into Space" area under the ROCKET TRAP
  • "Arcade" area hovering around the DANCE FLOOR TRAP
  • "Kepler System" area near the WIND TRAP
  • "Polar Peak" area next to the LASER BEAM TRAP

What you need to do in order to get the elemental weapon upgrade from each UFO, is first get a huge train of zombies together and like a moth to the flame, lure them into the traps and activate them. This will cost a little bit of dosh to activate the trap but its not expensive as its 750 credits for each trap, but will be well worth it in the end

Once you have killed a large amount of zombies with the trap, you will notice your much it will also change the UFO's direction that it is flying in. This indicates you have killed enough zombies to start charging the UFO up with souls. However, we must first attach the Arcane Core to the weapon we are currently using, or all the zombies souls will simply be contributing to global warming rather than charging the UFO with their dead souls.

To get the Arcane Core for the weapon we want to upgrade, you will first have to obtain 300 tickets for each weapon you want to upgrade and then attach the Arcane Core to that weapon. It is located at the small cart to the entrance of Polar Peak. Once you have purchased this add on for your weapon, you can now charge the UFO with souls. You will notice it on the end of your weapon attached when purchased.

Go back to the UFO you want to charge and kill around 30 zombies in order to charge the UFO enough that it will release its cargo in the form of one of the elements for you to use. When it does simply go over and pick it up and you will notice that the end of your weapon will be glowing with whatever colour of element you picked up.

The types of elements located in each area are:

Kepler System - Fire Element

Arcade - Venom Element

Polar Peek - Wind Element

Journey Into Space - Lightning Element

So in short lets go over one more time in a super condensed version to get each elemental weapon upgrade at each of the trap locations, you need to:
  1. Activate trap and kill a huge amount of zombies with it until the UFO circling changes its direction
  2. Get 300 tickets and head over to Polar Peak and attach it to the weapon you want to upgrade
  3. Kill around 30 zombies underneath the UFO to charge it with souls
  4. Once charged with souls, the UFO will drop the elemental upgrade.
  5. Attach to your weapon and kick some zombie ass....simples.

Only ONE elemental effect can be equipped to one gun. You cannot swap or gain additional elemental effects after upgrading your weapon — you’ll have to switch to a different weapon. Once an Elemental Orb is collected, other players cannot collect it. Instead, they’ll have to complete all the steps again to spawn a second Elemental Orb.

If still stuck, then watch CodeNamePizza excellent and easy to follow video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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