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Building the Boat Propeller in Rave in the Redwoods Zombies - Infinite Warfare

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Here is the guide on how to find the BOAT PROPELLER in Rave in the Woods for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. I always say this is a case of what came first the chicken or the egg, as do we not need a boat to attach a propeller too first? Then I found the boat in this level and that last statement made me look like an idiot. 

The propeller is used to access a secret area within this map called Turtle Island. Either its an island full of living turtles or it is shaped like a giant turtle...who knows....but I would like to find out, so lets do it....

Where did I park my Boat?

In order to build the propeller, we will first need a boat. Luckily we already have one on this map and won't be required to start cutting down trees and shaping them into a boat from scratch. To find the boat in Rave in the Redwoods when starting from the main spawn area, head out of the MAIN CABIN and trek your way over to the very bottom of the island where you will arrive at a spot known as "White Tail Beach". You will know when you have arrived as there will be a small building with a small boat dock, or jetty (showing off my boating terms acumen), that juts out into the grizzly scary BEAR LAKE.

here you will find the boat, but at present is only good for keeping yours socks dry rather than taking you anywhere because it is missing its propeller. We will need to find all the parts needed to attach and repair the propeller onto the boat, so I hope your brought a toolkit with you.

How the heck do you make a boat propeller?
Out of the many buildables that you can build within Rave in the Redwoods, this is probably the most easiest one to do. As per usual, there are 3 main parts which have been scattered around the island, probably by a drunken sailor who owned the boat, and now he can't remember where he has stashed them. We must hunt around the island and find all 3 parts to create the propeller and attach it to the boat so we can access the secret area.

Parts Locations

This party is going to get messy!

  • The first part can be found inside of the Mess Hall when entering the second room of it Head over to the cafeteria and look for the second room next to the pillar inside the hall. The part can be found in there by searching around, its not a big room, its as easy as finding a missing sock of a pair, its simply leaning up against the stone pillar in the centre of the room, easy.

  • The second part of the boat propeller can only be found once you have turned the power on. The goods news is that unlike Zombies In Spaceland, there is only ONE power switch to restore power to the whole island. With the power turned on, you will now be granted access to head upstairs and locate the "Tuff Nuff" machine AKA Juggernaut. This part can be found in the same room as the perk machine lying on the floor and looks like the central part of the propeller, the hub.

  • In order to get access to the third and final part, you will need to unlock the Recreational Area, where the awesome rave itself took place. Man it was one hell of a party and even today I am still feeling its effects....oh wait I wasn't really there it was a virtual party :)....still rocked though. When you get inside the recreational area, keep your eye out for a small tent with red and white flags around it. This part can be found to the right of the tent.

With all three parts collected, take yourself and your DIY know how down to the White Tail Beach  area and approach the broken boat. Interact with it to complete the buildable and repair the boat. Now, jump onto it and lets its seemingly invisible autopilot traverse the rough and fierce sea's to Turtle Island!

There is a lot more to explore when you land on the island. For one, the Pack A Punch projector machine is here, but is not readily available for use, as you may have guessed. You will need to find 2 film reels in order to repair the Pack A Punch machine before using it.

If you are still unsure how to fix the boat, then check out +CodeNamePizza Youtube video below which is very easy to follow.

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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