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Dischord Buildable Guide for Zombies In Spaceland - Infinite Warfare

Secrets: Elemental Weapon Upgrades -- Turning On Power -- Pack A Punch -- N31L Upgrade --

Buildables: SETI-COM -- Face Melter -- Shredder -- Headcutter -- Exquisite Arcane -- Dischord

Easter Egg Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 --
Hey guys,
here is how to build the awesome Dischord Wonder Weapon in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare's Zombies In Spaceland. This awesome Wonder Weapon makes zombies break dance on their head before exploding. Their moves would put Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez to shame on the dance floor. The only downside is the zombies just can't get enough of the dischord's infectious beats and can't stop dancing. One side effect of constant dancing is, they spontaneously combust....who would have known?
Lets figure out how to get this funky weapon below.

Step 1 - You can't wear chords to a disco!

There are three parts required to build the Dischord which include:
  • Shiny Disco Ball
  • An Expensive Ruby
  • Old  Battery

Everything you need for one hell of a party on the dance floor. these parts can be acquired in any order you like. Now lets get out there and hunt these bad boys down to create the greatest disco fever these zombies have ever known!

Disco Ball Part Location - Dance Fever

This is probably the easiest part to acquire, not to mention the shiniest, but also the longest to get. To get the Disco Ball. find the souvenir machine located outside of the arcade. To make the souvenir machine to reward you with the disco ball, place one coin of each color into it. Coins can be red, blue, or green and are dropped randomly by killing zombies. you can also input these coin colours in any order into the machine, they just have to be 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green....simples.

Starting with the Disco Ball is recommended because this step is best done while accomplishing other tasks around the map, such as activating the power switches in each of the areas or while finding the Pack-a-Punch portal / room. You will be killing zombies non stop once the game starts to it will be easy to get a variety of different coin colours quite easily, especially if playing on four player, as there are a lot more zombies spawning and a lot more dying at the same time. Getting a coin on solo will take a bit longer but on 4 player, should be a doddle.

One advantage of turning on the Pack A Punch portal early one while looking for coins is that it will be needed in a later step of obtaining the Dischord Wonder Weapon build. "Get things done, ASAP, stay ahead.....stay alive" is my motto. If you have already turned on the power and built the Pack-a-Punch before getting all three coins to drop, keep the Disco Ball requirements in the back of your mind and move on to the next parts.

Battery Part Location - Full of Energy

Before you pop down to your local supermarket and cheat by simply buy a packet of batteries....please don't....because they will not sell you any batteries....why?.... because your not wearing sunglasses! You have got to be cool to buy batteries otherwise, what's the point?

You need to obtain the yellow sunglasses that get dropped randomly by killing tons of zombie hordes and stealing their cool shades from the 80's. When you see them, simply hold the use button to pick them up as you will not automatically pick them up when walking over them. The sunglasses turn the film you are in into a Black and White movie, which help to reveal hidden objects dotted around the map.
With these too cool for school shades equipped, you will need to find 5 targets that will be randomly scattered throughout the map. Each play through will be a different set of 5 locations and its very rare the spawn locations are always the same through each play through. The targets will appear white and red coloured, the same as the ones on the roller coaster ride you must shoot. However these targets CAN ONLY BE SEEN by wearing the cool retro shades.
Below are the possible spawn locations for the targets.
  • Behind the prize counter in the arcade
  • Top right of the shop window in arcade back alley
  • Above the arcade generator box on the ceiling
  • Above the spawn ATM
  • The roller coaster track, seen from the maintenance hall
  • In the garbage can next to Demon Attack in the arcade
  • Underneath the Spaceland arch in spawn, on the bush
  • In the Super Mega Claw machine, in the arcade
  • Underneath the walkway bridge near Crater Cakes
  • In the upstairs arcade window
  • To the left of the big Triton sign, near the monsters mouth
  • On the moon wall of the bumper cars, left of the astronaut with the American flag
  • Behind the cardboard Dischord alien

These are the 13 possible spawns we have seen so far, only five of them will have targets so you need to check all of them until you find enough. Shoot the targets you find, and once you shoot five the Battery will appear on the dance floor in the arcade. The batteries moves on that dance floor are electrifying! Sorry couldn't help myself with a pun.

Ruby, Ruby , Ruby, Rubyyyyy

As with any shiny precious gemstone, the Ruby will need quite a bit of tickets to obtain as well as the Pack-a-Punch room unlocked. Purchase an Arcane Core from the "Weapons of the Future" machine truck located around the map for 300 tickets, its not cheap but it will be worth it in the end trust me.

Now plot course to the Pack-a-Punch room and engage the UFOs on the table in the Pack A Punch room to release them into the map. One UFO will fly to the arcade and hover around the dance floor. Train together a lot of zombies and activate the dance floor trap, if you killed enough with the trap, the UFO will leave and start a new path.

Follow around the UFO and kill zombies with the weapon equipped with the Arcane Core you purchased. Once you kill 25  to 30 zombies, the venom upgrade will appear underneath the UFO as a floating green orb. Pick the orb to upgrade your weapon. This infects the zombies with a poison when you shoot them and deals damage to them even after you have stopped shooting them.

The reason you need an Arcane Core weapon with the venom upgrade is to shoot out a part of the hidden machine in the Space Croc mouth. To find the hidden machine, you first need to buy the golden teeth from the arcade for 300 tickets. Next, you need to lead a Brute into the croc trap. Once the trap closes on top of the Brute, the croc’s teeth will break. Place your golden teeth in the broken spots to open a door in the back of the croc’s mouth. If your unsure about this step, check out my guide on building the Wonder Weapon called the Face Melter, which all use this step.
You will see the machine in this door, with 4 slots that can be shot at. You will need to shoot the third from the left, the Ruby will be inside. Be careful to not let the trap close on you, otherwise you are the crocodiles next meal. Pick up the Ruby and your well on your way to finishing building this awesome weapon.

Step 2 - Behold....the Dischord.....and zombies bustin' a move!

Now that you have all three parts, head over to the cardboard cut out of the Dischord alien, located just across from the prize counter in the arcade. The parts will need to be placed in the cardboard cut out, one at a time by holding the activate button. The Dischord will make zombies breakdance on their head before exploding, which is perfect for defending the SETI-COM.

Still not sure how to get the Dischord? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below which is really easy to follow:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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