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N31L Building and Upgrading robot in Zombies In Spaceland - Infinite Warfare

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Hey guys,

This is how to upgrade N31L the lovable 80's robot that roams around Spaceland, offering Spaceland's fun seekers various ways of winning tickets to spend in the park. He patrols around the centre area of Zombies in Spaceland theme park. Initially, he has a few screws lose, as you will notice his head is missing and has fallen off somewhere.

You need to find his head and attach it to his torso, where he will then start dishing out challenges that players can complete for additional experience and a cool Easter Egg.

Lets see how to get you N31L's head attached and get a very cool Easter Egg where you will get the help  and pleasur eof fighting alongside the DJ in the level himself, David Hoffman.....yes the HoffMeister himself.

Just remember that N31L's challenge can be paused if there is a quiet patch in the round or a shortage of zombies that are required for some of his challenges. Simply walk up to him once a challenge has started and hold the USE button to pause a challenge. To unpause, you guessed it, simply go up and hold the USE button again on him to unpause a challenge.

Lets get our science head on and find....this robots head.....

N31L's Head - He would forget his head if it wasn't screwed on!

In order to upgrade N31L, we need his head to get him functioning again, as its the brains of the computer so to speak. Once we get the head he will be up and running as if he was brand spanking new, rolling out of the robotics factory he was born in.

His head is located just past N31L’s body and on the table to the right of the bridge that leads up to Polar Peak. Simply pick his head and make your way back to N31L’s body and put it in place to bring the Sci-Fi robot of the 80's, who reminds me of Johnny 5 in short circuit, back online.

Now N31L's head is reattached, he can resume his programming routines and will begin spitting out challenges that the player can complete. These challenges come out in different variations, but the first five will always include one of the following:
  • Get Multikills
  • Kill zombies at a distance
  • Don’t go into Last Stand
  • Kill zombies with melee attacks
  • Kill zombies while jumping

Its best to complete this first tier of challenges as early as possible as some become more difficult in the later rounds, such as the kill zombies with melee attacks. Insta-kill however can help overcome this problem if you are stuck in later rounds with this challenge.

As you complete each of N31L's challenges, you will notice a bar on your HUD for the challenge area starting to fill after each challenge is completed. Once this bar is full, head over to N31L and hold the USE button on him. This will cause him to shoot into the air and return with a beloved friends and kick ass zombie killer in his arms.....the one and only....David Hasselhoff. 

The Hoff will fight alongside you for a few minutes, running and gunning his way around the map. Then he will hop back into N31L’s arms and shoot back into the sky. When N31L returns, he will require a second part to be found. Finding this part, which is his battery, requires that you know how to turn the power on to the park gain access to the underground area.

N31L's battery - I need Charged

After fetching the Hoff for the first time, it took a lot out of N31L and he is feeling a bit knackered. He needs some juice to recharge his booster systems so he can go and retrieve the Hoff again to help you rid Spaceland of this zombie infestation. He will also have a new set of challenges brought back with him which include:

  • Protect the player
  • Shoot the legs off zombies
  • Board up windows
  • Kill zombies at a distance
  • Kill zombies that are crawling on the ground

The BATTERY can be found near the Laser trap located in Polar Peak, on the counter near the ramp in the portal room at Polar Peak or in front of the wind trap in the Kepler System. There are other locations it may spawn, so far the known locations it may spawn no each play through are:

  • Ice Cream Stand in Kepler System, 
  • Bench by DJ Booth in Kepler System, 
  • Polar Peek Trashcan by the RPR EVO wallbuy.
  • Floppy Disk Location is in the Underground.
  • Polar Peak in the rollercoaster room in the cubby containers.
  • On top of a trash can on a bridge in Kepler System above Bombstoppers.
  • Underground on a bench near Racing Stripes.
  • Polar Peak by the cash registers & wonder weapon cutout. 

When you retrieve the battery. head down to N31L and install it onto him. He will then do his Superman thing and once more shoot off into the night sky, bringing The Hoff back with him when he returns. After a few minutes, N31L returns Hasselhoff back to the sky, where he will then require an OS update.

N31L's Floppy Disk - Blue Screen Of Death if I don't get that OS update

Some of you kids out there in Spaceland are probably too young to know what a floppy disk is or perhaps have not even used one, but they were as popular as CD's are back in the days of computing, only some where the size of a dinner plate, until they got down to a smaller and skinnier size....then CD's kicked their ass and wiped them off face of the planet.

Now the brief history lesson is over, this Floppy Disk part is needed to complete the third part of N31L’s Easter Egg quest can be found in quite a few different areas in the downstairs section. The areas in which the Disk appears in have not yet been pinpointed as it seems to appear quite randomly in tons of different areas in the Arcade or Polar Peak areas. Some investigative work may be needed here to seek it out but it always seems to be located on the edge of a table.

Go to the  "employee only" area via the stairs in the Arcade or Polar Peak. Downstairs, you will find 3 different locations where the item can be found in the Spacelands underground section / corridor which has the kitchen etc in it and where the SETI COMM defense location is. Once you find it, head back to the surface and interact with N31L to complete the final part.

Updating his OS will spawn a new set challenges, which are quite obscure and difficult to do which can include, but not limited to:
  • Kill zombies that have already damaged you
  • Kill zombies from within the marked area
  • Shoot only zombies arms off etc.

When you complete the next set of challenges and N31L’s bar is once more full, he will shoot off into the stars once more, returning with The Hoff to help you out. After he returns Hoff to his place in the heavens, you can then spend $5,000 cash to call in the "Knight Industries Two Thousand Protocol", which brings David Hasselhoff back down to help you fight zombies on request....providing you have enough cash in your wallet. He's a star, likes to help people, but he has got to get paid in the process.

Still unsure how to upgrade N31L? Then check out +MrDarlekJD. Youtube video below which is very easy to follow: 

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