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Easter Egg Guide for Rave in the Redwoods Zombies Part 2 - Infinite Warfare Guide

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Step 4 - Anyone got a light?

Now what you want to do is head over to the POWER ROOM in the map. Now, depending on how many players are in the current game you are in, you will notice on the walls of the power room these circular lights. As you walk past each one a white circle will appear indicating there is something inter-actable.

On SOLO mode all you need to do is press one of them to activate them, on co-op, each person must press a different light at the exact same time as the other(s). So if 4 players are playing, everyone must choose a light and press at the exact same time. When you get it right, all the lights will come on and you will hear an activation noise indicating you are successful.

Now you want to head over to the BOAT that you repaired and takes you across to the island each time. you will see Kevin Smith sitting on your boat looking a bit lost. You need to enter the boat in order to head over to the main BOSS FIGHT for this map. If you are playing on CO-OP MODE, everyone will need to hold the USE button on the boat and enter at exactly the same time.

Step 5 - Quit bossing me around Kevin!..... Mayday Mayday!

On your short journey across to the island on the rickety boat, who knew this particular voyage with a VIP on board would end in catastrophe.....there's not  much to  be worried about if the boat goes down the water is only about 5ft deep....its the killer creature from the black lagoon emerging from the water that's got me more vexed! Permission to scream......granted!

When the creature from the lake tosses the boat, you appear on the island in permanent rave mode with the boss towering above up on top of the hill yonder. You will enter permanent rave mode at the beginning of this fight, which comes in 4 parts, each to be repeated a total of 3 times. Loads of zombies will start spawning in from the flanks to start with.

You will also notice these blue glowing, multi-coloured objects appearing around the place. You need to kill zombies near these here to charge up the objects until it has gobbled up enough zombies souls its about to barf. As you kill zombies, the blue orbs start to rise. Once they have risen to their maximum height and are fully charged, they will glow like the North Star a very bright blue in the sky.

While in the process of charging these soul object, the SUPER SLASHER will appear who turns out to be Kevin Smith himself, will be trying to chop your head off. Save your ammo and just avoid him continuing to charge these soul objects, as any damage you deal to him here, will not actually hurt him.

The SUPER SLASHER has the following moves:

  • Ground Pound - Very powerful used to down players quickly
  • Directed Earthquake ground attack - shoots a wave along ground towards a single player

These are quite easy moves to avoid when you see them coming but things can get hectic especially in CO-OP with 4 players training zombies around and a huge Super Slasher beast chasing various people, sometimes you can get the odd knock from it. This is where having eyes on the back of your head would be a useful scenario :).

Once all of the soul objects have been fully charged, you will notice a blue energy beam shoot up into the air directed to a certain area on the island. It must have come from the heaven's above its a sign.....on how to kick the Super Slasher's ass and inflict damage onto him.

Step 6 - Step into the ring of fire....the ring of fire, Mr Slasher Please

Where the blue bolt has came from the sky and struck the ground, you will see a circle appear on the ground glowing blue. You need to lure the slasher into this circle and when you do, you will see part of his body is glowing. While he is trapped in the circle, shoot him with all you have got and concentrating all of your fire power on the Death Star's main reactor.....whoops wrong context, concentrate all fire power on the blue glowing part of his body.

When you have done it right you will see the blue circle turn to a fiery orange, you will then return to normal vision mode with him and you can now inflict him with damage. To inflict damage, you will notice various body parts starts to glow as he chases you around the island, you simply need to keep shooting these as much as you can in order to stop him in his tracks once and for all.

Once you have shot one area enough times, another part will start to glow and so on. Once you have shot several body parts enough times, hopefully above the belt each time as I wanted a clean fight, he will start to shrug his shoulders and stop in various places. You have obviously annoyed him, which is good, but don't tell him I said that.

He will then jump on top of the Cabin where Kevin Smith used to be, his flesh version, and starts dishing out some weird kinds of flaming magic / scorched earth on the island.

Step 7 - Magical Fire Blanket

When the boss has jumped on top of the cabin, the ground will start to burn baby burn! You need to locate quite quickly one of the protective GREEN CIRCLES dotted around this section and stand within them to watch the lovely toasty camp fire the boss is making of the entire island. Stepping into the fire and brimstone will instantly kill you so stay within the circle. I don't care if you need the outhouse in the recreational area, you step one mm outside that circle and you can kiss your bladder goodbye!

You are not safe in these circles either so don't break out the marshmallows and start roasting them on the flames, as he will be sending in his now scorched zombies, which are now skeletons. The boss clearly doesn't give a monkies about what happens to his minions as he has purposely burnt the skin off them to increase the scaring the crap factor out of you here.

Just keep a close eye 360 degrees around the circle you are in for skeletons running in and bashing you on the head. Its much easier if people can spread out over the circles to spread out the in flux of skeletons that appear making them easier to manage and cull. The skeletons are slightly more stronger than normal zombies so one hit from these will be the equivalent of about 2 or 3 hits from a zombie so be careful.

After about 20 - 30 seconds you will be put back into RAVE VISION and the whole process will start again.

If still unsure about any parts of the Easter Egg, check out MrDalekJD's YouTube video below which is easy to follow:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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