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Easter Egg Guide for Rave in the Redwoods Zombies Part 3 - Infinite Warfare Guide

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Step 8 - Roadblocks

Now that Step 7 Is completed, when the Slasher drops down again into the area you are in, he will mix things up a little bit. The Blue orbs appear again, charge them with zombie souls, but this time, he will set up magical roadblocks around the island to limit how you can get from one side to another.

Sections that were freely open to run through across different areas are now blocked by a cool blue wall. This can cause mayhem in CO-OP as trying to meet up with your buddies requires usually going through the lake to get to the section they are contained in. This can lead to a lot of people going down in the lake as it slows down your running speed dramatically.

Repeat the same steps as before:

  • Charge up blue glowing objects with zombie souls
  • Lure slasher into blue circle, shoot glowing parts of him till turns circle orange
  • Shoot glowing parts of his body when you exit rave mode
  • When he jumps back onto cabin roof, seek shelter in green circles from flames

Step 9 - Wash....rinse...repeat

We are almost done so hang in there, we need to repeat the same steps again for the last time in STEP 8. The only different on this final stretch is that the slasher will have put up even more walls around the island making things very tight indeed and this is possibly the trickiest part of the fight. You can see the end in sight now you can do it! Stay alive...

Once you have completed this whole rig-ma-role, finally the Slasher will enter the normal view and no matter where you shoot him will deal damage onto him. When on the stage of shooting the glowing blue parts of his body, you will know you have done enough damage to him when he lets out and almighty groan. This means now you can shoot him anywhere to deal damage to him

It takes a small army load of bullets to take him down, so keep picking up those max ammo's and staying away from his earthquake and ground pound attacks and you should be hunky dory.

When you have pumped enough led into him, he will go down in a very cool....well hot....blaze of glory. It reminded me of a scene from Terminator 2 arnie going into the molten lava and raising the thumbs up....only this slasher guy appears to be in agony....oh well.

When he finally croaks it, he will leave behind a piece of the SOUL KEY which you can now pick up to activate the end cut scene which can be viewed below:

Still unsure about any of the Easter Egg Steps? Then check out +MrDalekJD youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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