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Getting Vlad the Crossbow in Rave in the Redwoods Zombies- Infinite Warfare

Hey guys,

here is how to get the crossbow called "Vlad" in Rave in the Redwoods in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. I suppose they could have called it Vlad the Impaler as it does a great job of impaling zombies to the wall with its powerful arrows whizzing through the air decimating any zombies in its path.

It can be used as it is a normal crossbow, but it can also be upgraded, not using the Pack A Punch machine however just to be clear and I will have another link here when I post up the different upgrade flavours available of the crossbow. Oh please note, I am not talking about Strawberry or Chocolate flavour, this bow is non-edible....health and safety message of the day :).

Before we get started you need to have:

  • Built the boat propeller to get to the island
  • Turned the power on

So lets get down to it and find out how do we acquire this medieval marvel below.

Step 1 - Sausage Jokes are the Wurst!

First we need to take the boat ride over to the island and head into the cabin where Kevin Smith does his speeches up on the roof rafters and pick up some sausages that are in a bucket. They do look tasty and are making me hungry seeing them right now, but would I want to chow down on a 30 year old sausage....if it was the last sausages left on this zombie ridden infested planet.....possibly...yes.

Hold the USE button on the bucket to pick up the sausages and zip line back to the island. When we get back to the other side of the island, I know most signs say "Do not feed the animals" but this time we will, as we are going to feed these sausages to the DEER HEADS mounted on the walls in various locations around the cabins.

It reminds me of the hellhounds on the walls of Mob of the Dead, Der Eisendrache stag heads etc. on the walls, except this time we are not feeding them zombie souls as they apparently taste like......feet. Pressing left trigger, with  default controls set, will throw the sausages you picked up and what you need to do in order to feed a deer head is first enter rave mode, then chuck some sausages into its mouth.
The deer head will come flying off the wall and you just need to shoot it a sufficient number of times until its destroyed and it will drop a symbol for you to pickup holding the USE button. Each time you complete a deer head, a SLASHER will normally appear chasing you like a mad man cause you ruined his favourite wall ornament.

Step 2 - Hello my Deer's....... Oh deer deery me.

The locations of the Deer heads are:

The Mess Hall

You would think a deer in the mess hall would have had enough food living in here, if it eats anymore it will be as big as a house. This one is quite easy to find and is in the main mess hall entrance in the middle  on the wall.

Main Spawn Cabin

In the main spawn area up on the wall, next to a zombie spawn window location.

Cabin Area - 2nd cabin to the right of the  "CAMP OWL" sign

This one requires you to peer in the open cabin door and look into the dark corner of the room on the left. It can be hard to see but throw the sausages halfway up the wall on the left and it should kick start the deer's appetite.

Step 3 - Unchained Melody

Now that all 3 symbols have been collected from the deer heads, you will see that the photograph appears showing the crossbows in a cabinet. This is all good, so now head back to the main spawn cabin and head over to the cabinet that is in the photo in the main spawn cabin and hold the USE button on them to unlock the mystical chains that are stopping you from getting this awesome piece of firepower.

Its as easy as that to obtain the crossbow.

If you are still unsure about any of the steps, check out Glitching Queen's easy to follow video blow:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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