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Ghosts N Skulls 2 Arcade Machine Guide for Rave in the Redwoods - Infinite Warfare

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Hey guys,

here is the guide on how to kick ass at the Ghosts N Skulls 2 Arcade Machine in Rave in the Redwoods Zombies for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Here I will show you how to activate each of the skulls within Rave in the Redwoods to get into the arcade game and how to complete this little bit of a tricky Easter Egg which will be well worth it in the end.

Basically we need to activate 6 skulls in total, in order, to get into the Ghosts N Skulls arcade machine to compete for the grand prize of an AFTERLIFE TOKEN and ALL PERKS on this map. We will also need the BEN FRANKLIN ELECTRICITY BOW.

Skull 1992

Around Rave in the Redwoods, there will be 4 different traps around the map that you will need to get a specific amount of kills with. The amount of kills will guessed it....1992 which is actually the year in which the map is set in. You can see this in Kevin Smith's face as he is wrinkle free when appearing in this level where he does have a few wrinkles now on those rosy cheek bones.

Don't freak out on me by that number as you are probably panicking I need to get one thousand nine hundred and ninety two kills!!! Well, no you don't, I will show you to your relief how easy it is to spell out the number 1992 with the traps.

Trap 1 - This zombies barking up the wrong tree

First we need to head over to the DOCK AREA and locate the LOG TRAP....all we need to do is get 1 kill with it once activated and your golden. It must only be 1 zombie so it is best done at the end of a round when you have culled the zombies down to a single zombie, otherwise you will mess it up.

It will cost a total of $350 to activate the trap, so this tree better be solid oak for that price. This will fill in the number of the year "1992" we are looking for. Now we just need the "992" part so onward and upward.

Trap 2 - Does anyone notice that a 9 is just an upside down 6?

The next trap is located at the archery range on the slight hill that overlooks the main recreational / DJ area of the map. It is a giant tree shredder / logger machine that usually makes mince meat out of wood, but today it has an easier job of tearing up ravenous zombies flesh instead.

It costs $750 to activate and you will need to cull the zombies in a round down to exactly 9 for this traps zombies count to register. Keep a count of how many zombies you have left as the numbers get thinner and kill only exactly 9 at the end of a round with this trap.

Trap 3 - Last night a DJ saved my life, by killing a zombie..... with a song

Now we have knocked off numbers "19" off the number "1992", we need to get another 9 kills with the DJ trap in our sequence of numbers. Again cull the zombie hordes down to a total of exactly 9 zombies at the end of a round, then flick the switch on the DJ turn table to blast out some tunes and let the zombies enjoy a little boogie and some ass shaking before they get obliterated and sent back to hell...its a fitting send off.

This trap will set you back $750 so this DJ better have some thumping tunes to be playing in his collection.

Trap 4 - Waterfalls mean surfs up big kahoona!

Head over to the waterfall trap which is located just outside the main spawn room. Here you will only need to kill 2 zombies to complete the year "1992" for the Arcade Machine. This trap will also cost $750 to activate, man camping is expensive.

After about 30 seconds you will hear a noise. similar to the one in Zombies In Spaceland letting you know you have successfully activated this skull.

Rave Mode

Now that we have completed the 1992 skull, get yourself a pouch of the magic stuff and enter into RAVE MODE and head back to the ARCADE MACHINE in the main spawn area and look down your sights at the screen of the machine. You will notice a strange symbol emanating from the machine, memorise this symbol.

We will use your photographic memory to match this symbol up with another one exactly the same around the map somewhere. The problem with this symbol is that there are 9 possible spawn locations which the symbol can appear around the map. Lets go through them and hopefully the locations will allow you to narrow down which location your symbol may be located.

If a symbol appears in a location that does not match the symbol you saw on the arcade machine, DO NOT LOOK AT IT. If you do, this will mean the game thinks that is your answer to the riddle on the machine and it will fail you on matching up the symbols. If you fail, you need to enter RAVE MODE again, look at the machine, exit rave mode then get another rave mode pouch and search the locations again, so do not panic if you mess it up its totally fixable.

Symbol Spawn Location 1

The window inside the ELECTRIC ROOM to the right of the stairs.

Symbol Spawn Location 2

In the MESS HALL URINALS next to the barricaded window.

Symbol Spawn Location 3

A corner of the swamp area just beyond the MESS HALL and to the right of this barricade that leads to the small sewage system.

Symbol Spawn Location 4

In CAMP OWL in this cabin shown above, just to the right of the CAMP OWL sign. Look in the window to find the symbol.

Symbol Spawn Location 5

Inside the BAY AND TACKLE SHOP just next to the Slapp Taffy perk machine, do some window shopping and have a look see if there's any symbols that you like. It will be located in the circular float on the wall.

Symbol Spawn Location 6

Just behind the boat you use to head over to the central island. In a little bit of marshland.

Symbol Spawn Location 7

It can also be on the island itself, at the top of the cabin where there is a fire pit that allows you to enter RAVE MODE on the island.

Symbol Spawn Location 8

Heading up from the Archery section to the main rave area, you will notice a tree when you start progressing up the hill. The symbol sometimes appears on the tree trunk of a tree just to the right of the path going up.

Symbol Spawn Location 9

On the actual ARCHERY SECTION itself on one of the hay barrels near the centre of this area.

The symbol can only be seen in RAVE MODE and you can take as much time as you need to find it. If rave mode runs out, simply enter it again and keep searching....I have faith in will eventually find it.

When you do find the correct symbol, aim down the sites and after a few seconds you will hear that dinging kind of noise to indicate that you have 2 skulls on the machine now....WOO HOOOOOO!!

Make yourself a cuppa tea I say and then we will progress onto part 2.

Still unsure how to do any of the steps? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below which is very easy to follow:

Thanks for reading as always.


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