Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cafeteria area layout - Mob Of The Dead Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC

Secrets on this map: -- FEEDING THE HELLHOUNDS GIVES YOU HELLS RETRIEVER TOMAHAWK - SECRET FOUND AND REVEALED HERE -- "Rusty Cage"  - Hidden Song By Johnny Cash -- Sniper Trap Upgrade -- Hidden Blundergat and Spoon Melee Weapon

Map Layouts: -- Shower Room -- Ground Floor -- Michigan area ground floor -- Michigan Area 2nd floor layout -- Cafeteria Area -- Citadel Tunnels layout from Wardens Office to shower room -- 
Infirmary layout and access to Gondola -- Roof Layout -- Docks Area

Hi guys,

here is the layout for the cafeteria area of the Alcatraz map which contains the Acid Bath trap section. In this area the wardens key sometimes spawns here, as well as a part for the acid gat kit, the random crate and is the place to get claymores, the shortcut door to the showers activated when using afterlife to shock hidden control panel, and a free powerup out of the cells by turning on the the switch in afterlife mode.

There is also a video below of how to open the door to the showers which requires power as it cannot be opened by money. Done using afterlife and entering facing door with symbol on it.

Here is the map layout:

Here is a short video of how to get the shower room door powered on:

Thanks for reading and watching my videos guys.


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