Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Zombified Facebook Page created - All maps grouped together in one album for quick reference

New Zombified Facebook Page created!/pages/Call-Of-Duty-Zombie-Map-Layouts/155588347943360

All maps grouped together in one album for quick reference

Hi guys,

last night I decided to create a new Facebook page as well to list the maps I have created in an easier to view collection, instead of seperate posts which some people are finding a bit tricky locating on blogger.

Currently there are two photo albums, one with Die Rise Map layouts and one with Mob Of The Dead map layouts. It should make navigating them much easier and quicker to reference. I may still be working on the HTML version of my maps which will have the images containing hotspots on the doors that you open, and by clicking on them, will immediatly bring up the next map related to the area your entering.

This will mean you can have your PC, Laptop or Ipad on beside you when playing and can quickly at the touch of a button get the next map and details up in a flash. Will post it up when finished and lets you know how to access it when ready.

Here is the link again for the facebook page. Please like if you are a fan of the maps:!/pages/Call-Of-Duty-Zombie-Map-Layouts/155588347943360


Thank you.


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