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Descent Full Easter Egg Walkthrough Part 4 - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC

Descent Full Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Map Areas: -- Landing Area -- Reception Area & Promenade -- Concierge & Great Hall -- Spa Area -- Galleria Upper & Lower Levels -- Tidal Generator -- Annex -- Lounge --


Step 13 Back to the Tidal Generator Room A Distant Memory

We now need to head back to the room in the Tidal Generator area and activate the teleporter which has now become active. When it is activated, you will be teleported inside Oz's memory! It will take us back to the very beginning in OUTBREAK where the nightmare all began, as you can see from the Atlas bus thats present in his memory, which is parked outside in OUTBREAK exo zombies level.

Oz will start talking and start ripping into the survivors by telling them things they have kept secret in the past. Lilith is a hacker trying to go straight in IT, Decker couldn't get into the army because he failed a drugs test, Kahn was left out to dry by Atlas....but how does he know all this they wonder? After a while of talking when OZ is finished you will be teleported out of his memory and the game will then end. This will unlock the achievement of 50 GAMER POINTS for the REUNION achievement.

The game will then restart in DOUBLE FEATURE mode which makes everything in black and white. This is the HARDCORE zombies mode where there is no heads up display, power ups don't last as long, bullet hits on zombies do not generate points only kills do and much more! You can however, in the LANDING AREA, at the start of a game, initiate the DOUBLE FEATURE by pressing on a certain control panel where you spawn. If more than 1 player is playing, you will need all the players to press it to vote for changing the game into hard core mode.

Thats the end of the Descent Easter Egg Full Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide I hope you have enjoyed it!

Here is the full Easter Egg video if your unsure of any of the parts:


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