Thursday, 6 August 2015

Reception and Promenade Area Map Layout for Descent Exo Zombies - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Map Areas: -- Landing Area -- Reception Area & Promenade -- Concierge & Great Hall -- Spa Area -- Galleria Upper & Lower Levels -- Tidal Generator -- Annex -- Lounge --

Hi guys,

here is the map layout for the Reception and Promenade area for Descent Exo Zombies in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. This is probably not the reception you want to welcome you when you arrive at a safe heaven luxury spa type retreat. The only soothing thing you will find here is that your death will be a quick and painless one as the zombies will make quick work of you in this one as there are many tight corridors and spaces that you can easily get stuck in.

The reception area is an area that is one of the first accessed from the Landing Area where you can drop down the shaft after opening the door above and appear in the reception desk area. It joins onto the area where the Concierge area is and the Promenade area. I would say the Concierge is long gone so if you are awaiting someone to take your bags to your will be waiting till the end of time as I don't think the zombies concierge has got back his motor skills and urge to get back to work anytime soon!

Here is the RECEPTION AREA and PROMENADE AREA map layout:

The promenade area links the reception area to the Annex which in turn goes even further into the complex, which is quite large.

The key things in the promenade area and the reception area are:
  • 2 Credit Machines
  • 1 TAC 19
  • 1 Explosive Drone
  • A 3D printer
  • Transit System Tube
  • Access to the Concierge Area
  • Access to the Annex Area
I also see that the sentinel orbital drop is also still available which is a crack squad of 4 soldiers that are here to help you cull the zombie horde down to more manageable numbers. They only last around a round or round and a half time wise, so use them at the right time. They provide a great distraction to zombies and takes the focus off you for a few seconds so that you can deal some serious damage onto them when they least expect it.

Thanks for reading as always and I will keep adding more map areas as I progress through the level.



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