Monday, 10 August 2015

Tidal Generator Map Layout for Descent Exo Zombies - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Descent Full Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4

Map Areas: -- Landing Area -- Reception Area & Promenade -- Concierge & Great Hall -- Spa Area -- Galleria Upper & Lower Levels -- Tidal Generator -- Annex -- Lounge --

Hi guys,

here is the Tidal Generator area for the map Descent on Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Reckoning DLC. This is one of the smallest, but most important parts of the map as it is what kicks the whole roller coaster of an Easter Egg off with a bang! Once in this area you need to shoot the 3 symbols of the Stingrays on the walls until the blue light above them turns on.

Once all of the lights have switched on, the two doors that are closed on the 1st floor are opened and reveal a small corridor behind them. In it you will find initially:

  • A teleporter
  • A computer terminal
  • Weapon Upgrade Station
  • Teleporter (takes you into OZ's memories at the end)
  • Musical Easter Egg Stingray (On the roof)

Later on when you get to a certain point in the Easter Egg, boards will appear in this room with numbers on them which you have to match by performing certain actions during a round. Check out the Easter Egg Guide if your unsure what I am talking about. When the doors are opened some of the characters will mutter some lines and then you can activate the computer terminal, when you first do, it will say access denied. 

Simply press it again and Oz will say he wants to help you but needs all the energy directed to that computer room and thats when the challenges begin to start after pressurising the airlock in the LOUNGE and then getting a GOLIATH armour suit and going out to press a button on the seabed floor to get the challenges underway. Again if unsure click the Easter Egg Guide for step by step instructions.

There are several tiny little areas to this room so here they are:

Thanks for reading as always guys hope your enjoying the level.


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