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Lounge Map Layout for Descent Exo Zombies - Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Map Areas: -- Landing Area -- Reception Area & Promenade -- Concierge & Great Hall -- Spa Area -- Galleria Upper & Lower Levels -- Tidal Generator -- Annex -- Lounge --

Hi guys,

here is the Lounge area map layout for Descent Exo zombies in Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC. This area is one of the key areas as after revealing and activating the computer terminal in the tidal generator area, a security lockout is in place on the computer that needs to be released, In order to release it, if you look out the glass curved window of the lounge, you will see to the far left a dulled out pip / control panel station. You need to get your ass out there and activate the button on the panel which will override the security lockout that Angie has placed on the system.

I hope your a good swimmer because you cannot go out into the deep wearing your bathing costume, you need a specialised suit that can cope with the icy and dark abyss that lies outside....this of course comes in the form of the GOLIATH SUIT ARMOUR drops that happen randomly throughout the map. Once you pressurise the floodable airlock after activating the computer terminals in the tidal generator room, grab the suit and high tail it down to the airlock and go into it with the suit. 

You simply follow the lights along the seabed that lead you to the panel at the end of them which can then be activated, at which point it will glow blue, and you need to return the same way you came through the floodable airlock. This will then activate in the next round the first of Oz's challenges , the first being the DRONE CHALLENGE where you need to find about 5 treasure drones and kill them all within one round.....sounds easy? I thought so too, but its not and if you fail it first time it will keep repeating on the next round until you can do it.

Here is the map layout for the LOUNGE area that is accessed from the ANNEX AREA:

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