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Turning on the Power in Darkest Shore - Call of Duty WWII Zombies

Secrets: Turning on the Power --

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here is the guide on how to turn the power on in the Call Of Duty WWII Zombies map The Darkest Shore. The Darkest Shore sees Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson continue on their epic journey. It takes you to an island swarming with zombie flesh eating hordes, naval power, and Nazi Zombie air superiority.

Turning on the Power

There are two power switches that you will need to located on this map and activated in order to restore power across the entire map. 

The first switch will allow things like you coffee machine, phone charger, kettle.... as well as what's important in this level such as electronic doors, upgrade machines, and other gadgets to function. 

The second switch activates the subterranean minecart system that the map uses as a fast travel system, much faster than even Star Treks teleporter which tends to lose parts of your body from time to time when you materialise. 

So without further ado, lets get the low down on how to turn these power switches on.

Activating the Main Power Switch 

This one is the easiest switch to find and has to be turned on first before turning on the second switch. From the SPAWN AREA, take the path to the right hand side which leads you into the cave system. You will need to purchase 2 doors to get to the area where the first power switch is located. This switch will turn on the lights and power the main facility sections. This main facility contains access to several perk machines.

When the second door is opened that leads into the U BOAT PENS, head left and descend down the stairs into the dark room where there is a RED GLOW from the lights in this area and as soon as you get to the bottom of the stairs, the POWER SWITCH will be on the right hand side of the wall. Simply walk up to it and hit the use button to flip it on.

You can easily find it by heading out of the spawn room and making your way to the door that leads to the Bluffs. Unlock the door here and you’ll want to find the door that leads to the U-Boat Pens. You will see a small white light in between the RED LIGHTS which is the power switch.

Activating the Minecart Power Switch

The second power switch that you’ll want to activate is the switch that turns on the minecart system underneath the base. This becomes the fast travel system for the entire map, and it connects the map’s three main areas together, as well as saving your feet from a lot of painful blisters from all that walking.

The second switch is located in the OVERLOOK SECTION of the map in the ARTILLERY BUNKER. Starting from the main SPAWN AREA, simply go down the same cave entrance on the right you went down for the first switch but take the cliff face path to the right of the BLITZ machine you walked past previously.

Follow the cliff face around until you come to a cave entrance on the left with the sign "Strand Oberland". Keep going through and you will come to a door that leads to the BUNKERS costing 1250 JOLTS. Then run like hell....or casually stroll its up to the next door on down a bit that leads to the OVERLOOK which also costs a whopping 1250 JOLTS.

Then cough up some more cash and enter the ARTILLERY BUNKER for another 750 JOLTS....this is turning to be one expensive night out.

When you enter the bunker, simple go into the room on your immediate left and in the corner of the room, at the back, you will see the second power switch. Flip it to turn on the power and gain access to the minecart system....reading this too fast I bet you thought I said MINECRAFT system.....didn't you? :)

Still unsure how to turn the power on? Check out Laggin24x  YouTube video below for a complete walkthrough:

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