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The Final Reich Hardcore Easter Egg Walkthrough Part 1 - WWII Zombies

Casual Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hardcore Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Hi guys,

welcome to the Hardcore Easter Egg Guide for Call Of Duty World War 2 Zombies on the amazing "The Third Reich" level. Completing this Easter Egg will not only gain you my upmost respect and admiration, but will also earn you the Dark Reunion Trophy / Achievement to put on your virtual mantle piece.

This Easter Egg can be completed on solo or multiplayer, but as there is a ton of stuff to do, multiplayer will make your life a whole lot easier.

Now before we start into the "Hardcore Easter Egg" we need to have got up to the point in the "Casual Easter Egg" up to the point where you shoot the hilt with a Tesla Gun. DO NOT SHOOT THE HILT.....sorry for shouting, but if you do you will not be able to do the Hardcore Easter Egg as you will be set in stone on the path of the Casual Easter Egg. 

If you are not sure how to get up to the point with the hilt, check out my Casual Easter Egg guide and get up to "Part 3", up until the step called "Music to my Ears! Don't Take that tone with me!" from there we can then pick up the Hardcore Easter Egg quest.

We also need to have upgraded all 4 Tesla Guns at this point in order to complete this Hardcore Easter Egg.

So just to recap before we enter the abyss the pre-requisites before doing this are:

  • Get up to the point in Casual Easter Egg where you are about to shoot the Hilt with the Tesla gun, but don't shoot it

Ready....get set....lets rumble zombies!

Step 1 - Just for the RECORD

This step can be done as soon as the game starts, or when you have a free spare moments from running and screaming for your life from the zombie horde hot on your heels. Also up until the point in the Casual Easter Egg we talked about above which is a pre-requisite and you have NOT picked up the Emperor's Hilt.

Around the village in the SPAWN AREA by the PUB, the MAIN VILLAGE and the RIVERSIDE areas will contain 3 SPINNING TOPS. These will conveniently be placed on windows and rooftops around these places and will need to be shot down and picked up. These come in the classy colours red, green and yellow spinning tops.

In the below video from MrDarlekJD he shows us some of the many possible spawn locations of these spinning tops and where to place them from time stamp 1:53 to 2:37:

Once collected, the 3 spinning tops need placed in the window of the toy shop:

Once placed down, these spinning tops will act like a clock. When they are initially placed in the window of the toy shop, the hands are facing to 6 o'clock. 

Now, around the map inside some of the windows, are small enigma machines sitting on benches, sofas, tables etc. which have a coloured bow on top of them., along with a number. The locations of these small enigma machines are shown in the video below from time stamp 2:43 to 3:50.

When you find all of the enigma machines, there is only 2 known ones which appear, whatever colour they are note down the number on them. Then return to the toy shop and for each coloured bows number, turn the matching spinner top to that number by pressing the USE button on each. E.g. if the number on the RED BOW is 9, turn the RED SPINNER TOP to the 9 o'clock position.

Once 2 of the enigma machines have been located, simply keep turning the last spinner top around until a small drawer pops out at the bottom of the Toy Shop with a RECORD....hopefully with some banging tunes on it. This last spinner number can be guessed as its only the number range 1 to 12, simples.

These enigma machines spawn around the map in random places every playthrough and the numbers change on them as well so they will probably never be the same ones for any subsequent play through's.

Step 2 - Don't take the weathers name in vain

Open up the power for the Bunker Door before attempting this next step. Run toward the Riverside area and head toward the WEATHER VANE that sits on top of the wall by the river edge and activate it by pressing the USE BUTTON

It will then start spinning like a headless chicken in the wind and when it stops, it will be pointing to a very small tiny light....must be one of those energy saving bulbs its so small....but will generally end up pointing to the left, right or directly in front of it. 

This light gives you the location of a BUTTON. Its very small and quite hard to see however in the image below it was pointing into this red building, just inside the window. When you need to do is simply lock N load and shoot the button/light.

Once the light has been shot in whatever one of the 3 locations it spawned in, the WATER MILL just behind the WEATHER VANE will start to move and reveal a TESLA COIL. Simply head over to the TESLA COIL and shoot it with any of the upgraded TESLA GUNS, it doesn't matter which one it is, the coil just wants the juice.

This will provide power to the windmill, which will then provide power to the PUB....anyone for a pint?!! No we are professionals with a job to do first, if we survive the zombie onslaught, then we can have a pint of the golden nectar.....but not a second before we complete our mission....I want you focused.

Now power has been restored to the pub, you can go up to the RECORD PLAYER that sits on the bar and insert the RECORD that you got from the TOY SHOP spinning tops step. Once the record is inserted, it will start to guessed it....some music.

Step 3 - Those flippin' power switches

For this next step, keep playing the Casual Easter Egg up until the point you need to examine on of the HANDS OF GOD and the ZEPPELIN is flying around the map. In parts of the Casual Easter Egg, we need to turn on power in both parts of the MORGUE and the LABRATORY.

During this step, both of those switches will have turned off and need turned on again. When you do this, you will have to high tail it as you only have 30 seconds to get back into the COMMS ROOM, where you will notice the door to the SALT MINE will have another POWER SWITCH you will need to flip on. You will have 30 seconds to flip this POWER SWITCH before it resets and you will have to do this step again.

Once this last power switch has been flipped, it will reveal TESLA COILS that need to be shot by an upgraded Tesla Gun. Before doing this we need to make sure there is a BRENNER HEAD nearby....see if it wasn't for me you would forget your BRENNER HEAD if it was still screwed on. 

It needs to be nearby the Brenner Head as there is only a limited amount of time to complete this next step. With the Brenner Head equipped, go back to where the TESLA COIL was revealed to you in the COMMS ROOM and we are going to shoot these coils with the upgraded Tesla Gun. When we do, the lights will go out and two panels, 1 on either side of the COMMAND ROOM will open, 1 which leads to the laboratory area and one to the morgue area.

Activate the Tesla Coils by shooting them with the upgraded Tesla Gun, then use the Brenner Head and run to where these panels are which have now opened.
 As its quite dark in here now, use the Brenner Head to shine it onto the metal enigma style machine that has appeared. What you need to do is keep turning each of the individual numbers until you get one with a BLUE glow on it.

Once you get both panels glowing blue with their inputted numbers on the enigma machine dial, you will get a COIN that can be used to get the TALON SWORD.

If you did not make it to both panels in time and they have closed, you will have to play through the current round until you can retry it again. Restart again as needed again by shooting the Tesla Coils with the upgraded Tesla Gun.

When you have the COIN, make you way down to the EMPERORS CHAMBER area and insert the COIN in front of the STATUE. This will drop part of the wall in front of the statue and reveal the RED TALON sword, pick it up and start swinging!


Thanks for reading.


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