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The Final Reich Hardcore Easter Egg Walkthrough Part 2 - WWII Zombies

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Hardcore Easter Egg: Part 1 -- Part 2 --

Step 4 - Soul Music

Now we have picked up the TALON SWORD, we can not only start slicing our own pizza like Leonardo did in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  when it arrived unsliced, but we can now hack zombies arms and legs off with it in order to make sweet music in the local pub. 

Head over to the PUB area and back to the bar where the Record Player was located. Stand pretty close to the Record Player and start getting zombie kills with it. Each time you kill a zombie, it will start to charge the record player with zombie souls. Do not leave the vicinity of the record player as best you can, stay very close to it as sometimes when you kill zombies only a few metres away from it, it never seems to charge, even though it looks like the souls are getting sucked up by the record player like a Henry Hoover vacuum.

Its believed that you need to get a consecutive amount of kills within a certain amount of time, without leaving the PUB...and lets be one wants to leave the pub not even on last orders.

Once you get enough souls and have satisfied the record players thirst, the music that was previously playing earlier on, will now change to a different tune. Once the record player is fully charged, try and keep a zombie at the very end of the round as you will need to listen to sounds coming from the record player very carefully in order to proceed with the Easter Egg.

The RECORD PLAYER will now play a sequence of numbers which will sound like someone knocking. These numbers change every play through so may not be the same on the next play through. 

Write down the number of knocks played by the record player, this is how it behaves:

  • When there is a long pause of no knocks, that's when the sequence is about to start
  • It will play a sequence of knocks/clicks which will be the first number. Count these clicks between each short pause
  • then a short pause
  • then start up again the music for the second number where you will hear knocks....then a long pause
  • And so on until it gets to 4 numbers in length
  • You need to remember these and enter them in the correct sequence into the Voice Of God Device

For example, two clicks [short pause], three clicks [short pause], one click [short pause] and two clicks [short pause] reveals the code 2312.

Now before we go any further, hold your horses.....hypothetical horses....we need to make sure that by now we have the Upgraded Tesla Guns and have completed all the main steps of the Easter Egg up to the HILT

This is because we are going to have to input the VOICE OF GOD NOTES from the PAINTINGS. Once these have been input, the VOICE OF GOD DEVICE will allow us to input some more notes again into the machine. 

The notes we put into the machine will be the sequence of numbers that the record player drunkenly sang to us in its dreary slow motion style recording it played to us.

So lets do this....walk up to the machine and stand in front of it so you are also facing the statue behind it and input the numbers in a CLOCKWISE direction. So the first number given to you by the RECORD PLAYER will be input from the left and work your way around the machine until they are all inputted.

Once all have been input, go around to the front of the machine and press the button in the middle to "Confirm Voice Of God Tone". Confirm it and now all we need to do is get this party started by electrifying some chandeliers.

Step 5 - Shocking Situation

Now that the new notes have been inputted correctly into the Voice of God Device, we need to shoot the chandelier in front of Barbosa's statue, on the ceiling, with each of the upgraded Tesla Guns.

Aim for the candles poised on the chandelier in order to get this to work. When you do this correctly, you will see surges of electricity hitting that chandelier and lots of loud noises and bangs, so cover your ears.

Once you have done this correctly it will come up with a message saying that you have "Found the Rabenherz" which is a ruby. This will go into your inventory.

Now that we have this, it means we can now get into the BOSS FIGHT and kick some serious zombie flesh eating butts.  Go to where the HILT is and shoot the HILT with the upgraded TESLA GUNS. Do this in a coordinated fashion. Once it has been shot with the guns it will release the HILT so you can pick it up and activate the cutscene for the end boss which is the PANZERMORDER.

This fight is exactly the same as in the Casual Easter Egg except its twice as hard. If you have never fought him before then check out PART 3 of my Casual Easter Egg guide on the step called "Stop bossing me around Panzermorder!".

Basically its harder this time around by the fact that:

  • The BLIMP that flies around overhead only has 1 light on it to shoot down for obtaining  the battery to charge with zombie souls, rather than 4 previously.
  • The lights on the BLIMP have a lot more health than it normally does and will take a lot more ammo to take it out
  • The amount of time you have to attach the charged battery to the PANZERMORDER is literally seconds. As soon as you down him, attach it almost immediately otherwise he will get up again and continue on his rampage.

Just light previously, every time you attach the battery successfully he will disappear off the map and then return shortly after the zombies have had some fun with you. Then eventually the Zeppelin will return which you can shoot down the battery again and charge with zombie souls. Simply repeat the process a total of 3 times and your golden.....just try not to get killed in the process.

When you completed the process of attaching the battery 3 times, you will get the same cut scene as you did in the Casual Easter Egg ending, but the ending is slightly different as KLAUS is still alive.

When you stand near him he will grant you INFINITE AMMO and you will also get ALL PERKS only for the life that you currently have. If you go down, you still have 6 PERK SLOTS and can simply run around and buy all the perks again if needed.

Still not sure how to complete the Hardcode Easter Egg? Then check out MrDarlekJD's video below on YouTube:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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