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Casual Easter Egg Guide for the Final Reich Part 3 - Call of Duty World War II Zombies

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Dead Head Walking

Remember when we killed that BRENNER FLAMING ZOMBIE a while back? Can you remember where it was? It's just when he died, his head fell off and we need to use it to read some hidden ancient symbols contained in paintings around the map. 

So wherever you killed this zombie, return to that area and pick up his dead head and take it to the following painting locations around the map:

  • In the PUB


  • In the MORTUARY

  • In the COURTYARD

These paintings will reveal a BIRD SYMBOL and a ROMAN NUMERAL. Take note of these and especially pay particular attention as to what way the bird symbol is facing, either UP, DOWN , LEFT , RIGHT etc.

These can also be done in any order.

Music to my Ears! Don't Take that tone with me!

Once all the codes have been revealed on the paintings, the game will prompt you to make some music! Go back to the Emperor's Chamber and go to the machine in the middle which consists of pipes and numbers on them. You will also see the symbols for the EAGLES each individual pipe.

We need to remember what way the EAGLES in the paintings where facing. Below is an example of what one of them may look like in your game facing to the left with the roman numeral IV (4):

So for the above painting and the eagle facing to the left, find this symbol on the machine in the middle and set its TONE to be the number 4 (IV). You need to do this for each of the 4 pipes and symbols on this machine setting the eagle symbol to its corresponding roman numeral on the painting. Its not too complicated as each pipe / tone only goes up to 5.

Do this for all 4 different eagle symbols. If you don't do it right, it will reset in about 10 seconds time for you to try again so don't panic.

Once it is completed a huge noise will blare out across the map and it will confirm you have activated the VOICE OF GOD.

An orb of energy will surround the HILT in front of Barbosa's statue in the Emperor's Chambers. You simply need to shoot the TESLA gun from all players at the HILT to disrupt this energy bubble, in turn, allowing you to pick up the HILT.

This will now initiate a cut scene showing the PANZER BOSS awaken from his slumber and he looks a bit miffed off, anyone would be when woken from an amazing nights sleep so don't be surprised when he goes nuts.

Stop bossing me around Panzermorder!

When the boss appears he will punch and swing his arms and also charge at you so be careful of him. To beat his is really not that difficult and requires that you repeat the steps in obtaining the generator from the Zeppelin floating above the village by shooting the lights, then charging up the generator with zombie souls so that it becomes a battery.

Next what you need to do is empty everything into the Panzermorder until text appears on the screen telling you the Panzermorder is stunned! you then need to grab the battery and run up to him and attach it to him. Be careful though as waves of zombies will still be coming at you full pelt while trying to do this.

Each time you attach the generator to the boss it will give you a MAX AMMO for your troubles. If you don't get the battery attached in time, it will say the Panzermorder is no longer stunned and you will have to open fire on him until he goes down again. Just watch your ammo as it can go down in a heartbeat when drilling this guy with SMG or LMG fire.

Once you have placed the first generator on the boss, he will dander off the map....but he will be back make no mistake about it. From this point on for a few minutes you just have to survive the zombie hordes until he returns. He returns when you notice the Zeppelin above floating back into the area allowing you to shoot down another generator to charge up until it becomes a battery.

Then just repeat the previous steps, STUN the boss and attach the  battery to him. He will then once again walk off the map in a huff and will return shortly. When the Zeppelin drops the cursed 3rd generator down, when you try to charge guessed will float back up toward the Zeppelin and disappear again, teasing you.

When it comes back in again the 4th generator is really the third one you attach to the boss. Stun him and attach this to him and it will activate the final cut scene which finally kills his ass!

To get the DARK REUNION TROPHY / ACHIEVEMENT where you actually save Klaus rather than letting him die in this Easter Egg quest, you need to complete the HARDCORE EASTER EGG instead.

Still not sure how to complete this level? Check out MrDalekJD's video below:

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