Friday, 6 July 2018

COD ZOMBIFIED will be back very soon with Black Ops 4 map layouts and World War 2 Guides

Hi guys,

Just an update to say that I have not disappeared, got lost at sea or moved to another planet.

Over the past year I have been doing 2 degrees and working full time which has taken a lot of energy, time, blood....literally as a paper I was reading from for references gave me a paper cut on my thumb, sweat as the room I do my work in is quite hot and tears....I get emotional sometimes....everyone does right?

So now that the degree's have come to an end I will be returning to map making when Black Ops 4 comes out on hopefully the anticipated release date of October 12 2018.

Until then I will be posting guides on each of the secrets, Easter Egg's and walkthrough guides for Call Of Duty World War 2 and their current / subsequent DLC's yet to be released. I love creating these guides and want COD Zombified to be a place where anyone seeking tips or walkthrough guides for any of the zombie maps within the Call Of Duty series of games can come and can easy access them on any device for free. 

Tomorrow, on my lunch break in work, I will finally be purchasing World War 2 at my local GAME store or CEX shop, whichever has the best deal. I will blow the dust off my Xbox One and polish her up ready to get blown away by the legend that is the zombie game type.

This is probably the first COD game I have not purchased on day of release which has left me as shocked as you are, as I always get the game on day one so I can start creating maps from the word go.

If you have not seen the trailer for Call Of Duty 4 then here's a sneak peek:

I will also resume posting on my Facebook Page available here:


Henry Hanley

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