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Casual Easter Egg Guide for the Final Reich Part 2 - Call of Duty World War II Zombies

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The Right Hand Of God

Once the Tesla gun has been picked up from the weapon forge table from the room upstairs in the command room, we can head back down into the Emperor's Chambers. In this room we will go up to the RIGHT HAND OF GOD statue / contraption and examine it.....I felt like Indiana Jones a little bit at this point.....get me a hat and a whip quick, oh and cue the music!

Once the RIGHT HAND OF GOD has been examined, we will need to re-route power to certain points in the map. We need to head to the room upstairs in the command room where the tesla gun was crafted. Once in this room you will see on the wall circuit style breakers which need activated in order to start the POWER GRID.

Fire up the power grid and when you do, you will notice below each of the numbered boxes, the lights will glow RED, GREEN and BLUE. These numbers correspond to power stations dotted around the map, simply take note of the colour that appears under each number and we will have to go to these power stations, change the dial on them to the colour displayed here for them.

These colours are totally random under which station they appear under with each play through so the one displayed in the picture may not be the sequence you see on your screen. Lets get to these power stations soldier.....for the station 01 you will track far and wide, treacherous terrain you will traverse and.....actually its right beside this power grid box to the right!

Power Station 1 Location

The easiest one to find, simply found beside the POWER GRID switch to the immediate right of it. Simply change it to in this case RED by holding down the use button on it to switch the circuit.

Power Station 2 Location

The second power station is located just before the PACK A PUNCH area in the MORGUE. This instance its changed to RED to match the grid switches colours.

Power Station 3 Location

Just past the PACK A PUNCH machine out towards the doorway that takes you to the DOCKS area. This station is changed to GREEN for this one.

Power Station 4 Location

Last one is right by the PUB area near the TOWER and is set to BLUE in this instance.

Once you have activated all the power stations your objectives will be updated to "Activate and defend central lightning rod". This is a timed event and if you don't activate the lightning rod, you will need to repeat the steps again to reroute the power and match up the colours with the stations on the grid board.

Head over to the TOWER area and underneath the tower you will see the lightning rod which needs activated by pulling the lever attached to it. Do this and zombies will start attacking in a tight confined space with the lightning rod as their target, simply defend it. When the lever is pulled you will hear an AIR HORN blow out letting the zombies know its dinner time and your the main course. The lever will have a health bar above it while this is going on so keep an eye on it and be careful.

If the lever is destroyed. don't worry you just simply have to repeat the steps to get to here again and it will reappear. When the attack has finished second air horn will blare out and you will have to go to the two pillars at the front of the tower where you  will find another lever at each one.

You will need to activate both levers and defend them both from zombies attacking them. This bit is slightly more trickier than the last as there are two points which you have to defend. Each box will have its own health bars. The air horn will blare out again and stop when the attack is over.

When the wave is over, the screen will shake and a huge flash of white light will fill the map, as well as the air horn stopping and you will have completed this step.

Now you need to head back into the Emperor's Chambers to activate the RIGHT HAND, then go over to the LEFT HAND OF GOD and inspect it to activate the stages required to complete its challenges....yes this god does have two hands.

Righty Lefty

In the Emperor's Chambers find the  left hand of god statue and inspect it to set in motion its sequence of events.

Once you have activated the Left Hand of God's statue, you need to run outside into the Village area and look to the skies as there will be death from above. You will see a huge Zeppelin floating around the map with yellow lights underneath it. 

As it circles the map it will start to shoot at you and you will have to shoot certain points on it in order to get it to drop a GENERATOR / UBERSCHNALLE which will contain a BATTERY within it. These points will be the lights that you see underneath it. They do take a battering these lights so some high powered weaponry with lots of bullets, such as an LMG, would work to your advantage here.

When the light explodes, it will fire the generator to the ground somewhere on the map and you should trace where it will land by following its trajectory. You then need to kill zombies near the generator to charge it with zombie souls. Once this has been charged completely, it will leave behind a battery for you to pickup. Pick it up by pressing the USE button on it.

When you pick up the battery you will not be able to shoot and be a lot slower than normal, I thought I was pretty fit till I picked this thing up and it nearly broke my back. Simply take it down to the LEFT HAND OF GOD in the EMPEROR's CHAMBER and install it onto this statue / contraption.

Now you need to get another 2 more generators down from the Zeppelin and their corresponding batteries. Simply repeat the steps to get the generator as before shooting the lights and charging up the generator with zombie souls to reveal the battery. It might say when installing the batteries to "Survive until the Zeppelin Returns", maybe the guys up there went on a tea break or to grab a cheeseburger before coming back to try an annihilate you, bad guys need tea breaks too right? 

Until it arrives simply just keep killing the zombie hordes and then repeat the steps when it arrives, taking the second battery down to the LEFT HAND OF GOD machine.

When we get to the 3RD GENERATOR FROM THE ZEPPELIN, it will trick you the first time around as when you shoot it down and go to charge it with souls, it will actually be pulled up toward the zeppelin again and reattached to it. This is essentially to make you sweat a little longer as you knew yourself it would not be as easy as this right?

You just then have to wait for it to return one more time (4th Time) and keep shooting it to get the final generator, of which it will let you have in the end. If you do not get the generator down within a set time the Zeppelin will disappear, but fear not it will come back very shortly for you to try again.

Once you finally get the third battery, simply install it in the EMPEROR's CHAMBER on the LEFT HAND OF GOD and you will get a new objective called "Find the notes required to activate the Voice of God"

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Still unsure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below:

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  1. Thx, these notes are super helpful. I'm playing through the game currently and was stuck on the Geistkraft Device Transfer.

    1. No problem glad I could help :) have missed a lot in the call of duty world with work etc hopefully one day can return the blog back to its former glory