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The Final Reich - Pack A Punch in Call of Duty World War II Zombies

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Hi guys,

Here is how to Pack A Punch in The Final Reich zombies map for Call Of Duty World War 2.
As you all know this is how we get kick ass weaponry at a bargain price by recycling the old going into the machine and out with the new weapon of mass destruction out the other end.

Don't get too excited about finding the Pack A Punch just yet as you need to make sure that the following has been completed first:

  • The BUNKER DOOR has been opened 
  • Both POWER SWITCHES are on in the Mortuary and the Laboratory areas to supply power to the SALT MINE door, enabling it to be opened

Once the tiny checklist above has been checked and each one ticked off.....lets begin on your quest to find the Pack A Punch machine that will make your weapon a god among.....other guns.

The Journey Begins

The best route to get to the Pack A Punch machine is to drop down into the sewers via the hole that was created by activating the PILOT LIGHT in the centre of the VILLAGE area.

Once you have dropped down into the sewers, open the door that is just behind you as you drop down. It will say that power is needed before you can purchase this door, simply walk around the corner to the right and on a small slope leading in from the Village Square area, you will see a generator with a RED button on it. Simply hold the use button on it and it will turn green showing it is now active hurray!

you can then purchase to open the door and progress into an area which looks like a slaughter room with blood all over the place and a giant cage in the middle. This cage is actually where the Pack A Punch machine is located....now its time to rattle a few cages.

Transportation Tubes

Within this area of where the cage and blood bath on the floor is located, there will be a button that you will press that activates a transportation method around the map which come in the form of large tubes that can be found in 3 different areas around the map.

When you press the button, you will notice the cage rise slightly where the Pack A Punch machine is contained in, giving it some breathing room. What we have to do is take all 3 of these tubes in any order at all, in order to lift the cage off the machine.

Transport Tube # 1 Location

In the Command Room to the left of the Salt Mine door and up the first flight of stairs. It will be located on the right hand side of the wall and look like a giant.....toilet seat almost? Simply go up to it and push the use button on it to spend 250 Jolts.

When you emerge at the other end of the blood soaked tube, you will arrive in back downstairs in the area where the giant cage is with the Pack A Punch machine but in a section that was previously gated off which is now open. In this area you will find another button, press it! This will lift the cage again and tease you with what is underneath.

Transport Tube # 2 Location

The next tube location is behind the MAIN SPAWN in the back of the PUB section. You will need to unlock the gate to the PUB area to get to this area which will cost you a tidy sum of 1500 Jolts....an expensive pint.

You then want to make your way down to the bridge section and open the gate that leads to the TOWER section at another cost of 1500 Jolts. You then keep going onto you see the Tube on the wall again. Get into the tube and make your way back to Pack A Punch at another cost of 250 Jolts. This is an expensive trip to the pub!

Once you fall into the cordoned off part of the Pack A Punch room, the bars will start to open and there is another switch for you to press. Push it and the Pack A Punch Machine is about 99.9% free as you can see. Just one more tube to go.

Transport Tube # 3 Location

In the laboratory area where the electricity trap is in the middle simply walk through the centre of this trap and on the left hand side you will find the transport tube entrance. Repeat the same steps for all other tubes and when you land in the room again, press the button to raise the Pack A Punch cage.

When you land in the Pack A Punch room, if you have done all of this very early in the game and are in the early rounds, it will trigger a wave of PEST zombies to come and.....well....pester you....can't say much more about it. 

Punch It!

The cage above the Pack A Punch will rain down a shower of sparks when this happens the like you would see on stage at a concert, and the room will glow read. Once you kill all the PEST zombies, the rooms red glow will disappear to a more affectionate lighting scheme and Pack A punch will now be available.

As usual it costs 5000 to upgrade the non special weapons with Pack A Punch so enjoy and happy spending!

Still unsure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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