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The Final Reich - Turning on the Power / Salt Mine Door (Call of Duty World War II Zombies)

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Hi guys,

Here is how to turn the power on in The Final Reich zombies map for Call Of Duty World War 2. You would think after so many incarnations of zombies that the developers would have paid their electricity bill by now? As usual though, you've go to figure out a way to get the electricity flowing through the copper veins of this map. Below I will show you how.

There is no "pressure" in turning on the power for this map.....well actually there is as it helps to open up the doors in the rest of the map.....plus there was a clever pun at the start of that sentence, as we need to turn on 3 pressure valves to send some sweet sparks flying.

Once a pressure valve has been found, you need to hold the ‘Interact’ button until the dial reaches 60 and you see a ‘Green’ light. Before interacting with the Pressure Valves, make sure that the area is clear, as it can take a few seconds. 

The locations of the 3 Pressure Valves are as follows:

  • Left of the Armor Station in the Village Square

  • Left of the Bunker Door in the Village Square

  • On the Riverside, Down the Slope and close to the water
This will require you to open a gate at a cost of 1000 jolts to get into the Riverside section and simply follow the slope down to the very bottom, making a few turns down some back alleys as you go.

Once all 3 valves have been activated, you will get a notification telling you that the "pilot light" is ready. Head back to the Village area and in  the centre courtyard of the village there is a device that previously had a red light on it, which now has a green one glowing from its back side.

Go up and activate the device and it will blow a hole in the ground where the wooden planks are covering access to the sewers area. It will create a huge fire ball as it activates and spew out of the hole a few zombies on fire which you need to take out.

Once these zombies have been killed, drop down into the stinky rat infested sewers to find another large metal door that needs power. This is much easier to open as it just requires a little bit of exercise to turn on.

Simply turn 180 degrees while facing the door and go round the corner to the right  and on the left will be a generator with a red light on it you simply need to press the hold button on to activate it and it will become green.

This will now provide power to the electric door round the corner and you can open it for a whopping 1250 jolts...… shocking the prices doors are these days. The door to the right of this generator will also open leading you back to the surface in the Village area.

Salt Mine Door Access

Pass the salt please! I can't there's a huge 50 ton blast door in front.

This one requires you to redirect power from 2 power modules located in the Laboratory and in the Mortuary sections within a set time of each other. If you do not turn both on together within a certain time, they reset and you must go and activate both of them again.

The first one is on the top floor of the laboratory area up above where the electricity trap is in the centre corridor.

You will hear a clock ticking in the background meaning you gotta get your ass in gear to find the other one. 

The other one is located in the bottom of the Mortuary, creepy I know, run back up to the control room and across to the far side of the room to enter the Mortuary. Descend into its murky depths and on the lowest level there should be the power switch:

This will now activate the SALT MINE DOOR and you can open it with a hole in your wallet of 1500 Jolts cost price.

Still unsure how to do it? Then check out Ch0pper's video below:

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