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Golden Bucket in Zetsubou No Shima Zombies - Black Ops 3

Map Layouts: -- Main Spawn -- Lab A Perimeter -- LAB A Swamp -- Laboratory A -- LAB B Perimeter -- Laboratory B -- Laboratory B Swamp -- Bunker -- AA Gun -- Docks

Secrets:  -- Gas Mask -- Skull of Nan Sapwe -- Zombie Shield -- KT4 Wonderweapon -- Masamune (KT4 Upgrade) -- Musical -- Golden Bucket -- Spider Bait --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hi guys,

here is the guide on how to get the GOLDEN BUCKET in Zetsubou No Shima Zombies for Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. This bucket is probably worth a few million pounds in scrap metal value as it weighs a ton, however money would be of no use to in Zetsubou No Shima as you have probably noticed.....there are no shops.

So instead it is used for a more practical solution, which is to give you an INFINITE WATER supply. This will save you have to leg it back and forward every time your bucket runs dry when trying to care for your seedlings you have planted in the seed planters dotted around the map.

In order to get the GOLDEN BUCKET you must have the SKULL OF NAN SAPWE, otherwise it will be a lost cause trying to obtain it. If you have that item checked off your checklist, lets get down to step one.

Step 1 - Mesmerized

In order to start off the Easter Egg, we are going to need to use the skull to reveal the hidden poster that is in the BUNKER, in the room where the PURPLE IRRADIATED WATER is located. When you reveal this hidden poster, it will now allow the skull to reveal secret, hidden objects and rooms dotted around the island.

This is important because we will actually be mesmerizing some plant vines so that it will grow us the Golden Bucket after feeding it a gazillion zombies for its breakfast over a period of a few rounds.

Step 2 - Green, Purple, Blue and multi-coloured Garden Fingers

So next we need to get our gardening tools out and start growing a plant consisting solely of each of the different types of water so that's:

1 Plant Watered 3 times with BLUE IRRADIATED WATER
1 Plant Watered 3 times with GREEN IRRADIATED WATER
1 Plant Watered 3 times with PURPLE IRRADIATED WATER

Then last but not least a plant created with:

1 Blue water, 1 Green, 1 Purple water over each round it is growing in any order to create a FRUIT PLANT.

All these plants will take 3 rounds to grow.

Step 3 - Look into my eyes, the eyes......don't look around the eyes look into my eyes


Next find the large vines in the section underneath the LAB B Complex. Up against one of the inner walls underneath LAB B, you will see some vines in the ground which need to be mesmerized in order to grow this special GOLDEN BUCKET plant so to speak in its own special seed planter.

When you mesmerize the vines, the special seed plant4er will appear and ask you to plant the bucket here. Drop your bucket down and once you do, another 3 special seed planters will appear around this areas spider trap circle in the middle of this section under LAB B and will want you to plant a seed into each of them. When you have planted seeds into them, they will immediately spawn a purple zombie eating plant and begin munching through their first, second and main courses to help you create your GOLDEN BUCKET

Step 4 - Plant Food

Now that you have your 3 zombie eating plants, you need to keep feeding them a ton of zombies each which stretches over about 2 or 3 rounds of zombies, training them into their path and letting mother nature do her thang. Once they have finished devouring the zombie and using them as fertilizer, head back to the seed planter where you placed your bucket, and a new plant will spawn and present you with a very shiny , valuable and infinite water source supply in the shape of a GOLDEN BUCKET.....TA DAH!!!

After a few seconds the plant will open up to reveal its treasure and your new bucket which will supply you with infinite water. The type of water does not matter, whatever colour you fill it with, it will be infinite for that colour.
If still unsure, check out MR DALEKJD's video below which is very good:
Thanks for reading as always guys

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