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Map Layouts: Belsinki Square --  Department Store -- Armory --
Tank Factory -- Infirmary -- Supply Depot -- Operations Bunker -- Dragon Command

Buildables: Dragon Shield --

Secrets: Musical "Dead Ended" -- Drone Hat / Mask -- Pack A Punch -- Dragon Strike Crystal -- Gauntlet Of Siegfried -- Wrench -- Axe -- Malice --  Musical "Ace Of Spades" -- Musical "Samantha's Lullaby" --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Step 6 - I challenge you to a duel.....6 times!

The six challenges will be in any order and are totally random through each play through. After you complete each one, return to the Dragon Command Building and press the GREEN button to activate the next challenge once you have completed the one you are currently engaged in.

Here are the different types of challenges below:

Russian Mangler Challenge

Somewhere around the map will be a "Friendly" Russian Mangler with sparkly green eyes waiting for your help. He is most frequently found around the Department Store area and the Tank area having a lovely little stroll through this warzone. Your mission....should you chose to accept it, is to escort this mangler to the teleporter located in the Dragon Command Centre, without him dying. Easier said than done depending on how high up in the round you are.

Once you get him near the Dragon Command area, the Mangler will start to get a sudden burst of energy and start to sprint. Once he makes it to the teleporter pad inside the building, he will freeze and then disappear. That will be the challenge completed and you need to head back to the trophies facing SOPHIA in order to get another challenge.
Drop Pod Challenge


The drop pod challenge makes a drop pod fall from the sky either outside the TANK FACTORY, DRAGON COMMAND or SUPPLY ROOM and once it does, you need to locate it and head towards it. Its easy to locate, like the other drops pods and the mystery box, simply look up into the air and look for a GREEN beam of light emanating into the sky. Get to it soldier ASAP.

Zombies will not spawn at this present moment in time to kill you, they will spawn just outside the map and then make their way to the drop pod in order to destroy it. You must protect this drop pod at all costs. Once the round has ended, the pod will open, provided it wasn't destroyed, and then one player should use the GAUNTLET OF SIEGFRIED and release the baby dragon to go and retrieve the pods contents as it will now be opened up the pod.

When the cute little baby dragon returns the part it picked up from the DROP POD, pick it up and run over to SOPHIA and give it to the computer to complete this challenge. Then go over to the large map screen and hit the green button to activate the next challenge.
Valkyrie Drone
This challenge spawns a Valkyrie drone near the Main Spawn Area where the dead dragon is located. The drone will have green lights instead of the blue, indicating that it comes in most aliens do.....I have seen Independence Day! The aim is to escort this drone to SOPHIA in a nice clean and saleable condition. It is almost identical to the Russian Mangler Challenge.
Simply escort the drone to the Dragon Command Centre and let it make its way to the teleporter pad where it will make a quick escape. That will be this challenge completed....easy eh? Try not to shoot the drone as friendly fire may accidentally blow it to smithereens. Don't let zombies get too many digs into it, keep them at arms or football fields length to ensure it makes it to the teleporter safely.
The Anomaly Challenge
This relates to Gersh's Soul which is a yellow spark or wisp that floats around the map when shot at. They say spirits or ghosts cannot feel pain, maybe it is neither of these, but this little wisp says it hurts like hell when he gets hit by a bullet and moves all around the place trying to get away from you each time you shoot it. The objective is to deal as much damage to the wisp in the shortest time possible. One other thing though, damage can only be inflicted onto it by shooting it with a PACK A PUNCHED weapon....there is always a catch I know.

When enough damage has been dealt by your death dealer of a weapon, the wisp will turn purple, freeze in place and like a possessed demon, you will hear it read out a quote from the infamous GERSH. It will then disappear and will reappear somewhere else on the map which you need to find and deal a considerable amount of damage to it to activate another quote. In total there are 3 parts to this and 3 quotes to hear from this cute little sparkly......thing.

After you have found it a third time, kicked its ass, then heard the third will fly toward SOPHIA and the challenge will be done.

The Bomb Challenge

This is the hardest of all the challenges and can be a bit tricky to do at times so keep your arms and legs and wits inside the vehicle that is you.  Around the map 6 bomb locations will spawn, they are in the following locations:

  • Bottom floor of the Department Store
  • Infirmary
  • Tank Factory
  • Supply Depot / Library
  • Armoury
  • Dragon Command

When this challenge is activated, keep your eye on the map screen where all the trophies are sitting. SOPHIA will flash in a random sequence, which changes every time you fail or game play through, the order in which the bombs need to be defused in. If you defuse a bomb in the wrong order, like cut the red or the green wire, and you cut the wrong one Lethal Weapon style....BOOM you dead.

You will only have a set time in order to accomplish this task and if you do not do it in time, the bombs will detonate anyway and if you are nearby in its blast radius they will need to identify you by your dental records. You will see that the bombs glow a nice cool blue letting you know they are active. Writing down the sequence SOPHIA displays on the map will help a lot, if playing in SOLO mode you can always pause the game and take your time to get it right. Once all 6 bombs have been disarmed and your still breathing, head back to SOPHIA and you can activate the last challenge.

Group 935 Challenge

When this challenge is activated, a small KEY CARD will appear and you will be required to pick it up in front of the MAP SCREEN where the 6 trophies are located.

Head over to the HATCHERY and the player who picked up the KEYCARD needs ot insert it into a computer with a RED SCREEN in the HATCHERY. When they do, it will initiate another lockdown process and 4 waves of Mangler's will try to destroy you. While this is going on, a progress bar indicating how much data is being downloaded from the computer will be displays on your HUD. All players will then need to activate this computer to initiate the lock down sequence.

Once the waves of Manglers have been destroyed, pick the KEYCARD back up and head over to SOPHIA where the player who picked it up needs insert it into her computer terminal.

This completes all 6 challenges. Chillax! Now lets move onto the final steps before the big boss fight!
If unsure about any of these steps, then please watch MRDALEKJD'S Youtube channel to find out exactly how to do the main Easter Egg:
Thanks for reading as always guys.

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