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Axe Secret Weapon Guide in Gorod Krovi Zombies - Black Ops 3

Map Layouts: Belsinki Square --  Department Store -- Armory --
Tank Factory -- Infirmary -- Supply Depot -- Operations Bunker -- Dragon Command

Buildables: Dragon Shield --

Secrets: Musical "Dead Ended" -- Drone Hat / Mask -- Pack A Punch -- Dragon Strike Crystal -- Gauntlet Of Siegfried -- Wrench -- Axe -- Malice --  Musical "Ace Of Spades" -- Musical "Samantha's Lullaby" --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Hi guys,

here is a little secret on how to get the AXE melee weapon in Gorod Krovi zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies. It is also known as the "Slash N Burn". It is not used for smashing in doors or chopping down trees, however it is used for chopping something....zombies arms, legs and heads off! That alone has to be far more interesting than chopping down trees for sure. It also has a very cool taunt which can be activated by pressing the use button when equipment and he will spin it like a mad man with a baton in a parade.

In order to get the AXE secret melee weapon, we don't have to initiate anything or have completed about a gazillion other tasks in order to get it. Simply dive right into the zombie rounds and get through them as quickly as you can.

Your objective is simply to get through ROUNDS 1-15 IN 24 MINUTES

When you do this, it will let you know that you have completed the TIME ATTACK challenge and will display challenge as being completed.

Once this challenge completed logo disappears, it will notify you that there is a new weapon available in the BUNKER for purchase:


Head over to the OPERATIONS BUNKER and as you go in the basement level from the street, through the gap in the broken brick wall, just on the left you will see a sandy coloured notice board stuck to the wall. Walk up to it and hit the use button and the AXE will now appear for you to purchase for only 300 credits....bargain. The only problem is that it will replace one of your main weapons so make sure your not holding a Ray Gun Mark 2 or something good when you swap it over.

If still unsure how to get the AXE then check out FantasticalGamers youtube video showing you all the Melee Weapons:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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