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Map Layouts: Belsinki Square --  Department Store -- Armory --
Tank Factory -- Infirmary -- Supply Depot -- Operations Bunker -- Dragon Command

Buildables: Dragon Shield --

Secrets: Musical "Dead Ended" -- Drone Hat / Mask -- Pack A Punch -- Dragon Strike Crystal -- Gauntlet Of Siegfried -- Wrench -- Axe -- Malice --  Musical "Ace Of Spades" -- Musical "Samantha's Lullaby" --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 --

Step 3 - Last but not least Trophy
To get the final trophy requires that you have already obtained the Gauntlet Of Siegfried and where the Egg Incubator is located in the HATCHERY, just facing it is a generator which should now be on and blowing air out of it which was activated by the Valkyrie drone.
This indicates that you have at least completed the drone and zombie spawn lock down that occurs once you place the egg in the incubator. Once the waves of Valkyrie drones and zombies have been killed, the egg cools down for a few rounds then you can pick it back up again and run to the challenge board and claim your Gauntlet Of Siegfried, provided that you have also completed the 3 challenges the egg asks for.
Now around the map you will find 6 pressure dials in various areas. Their locations are as follows:
  1. In the TANK FACTORY
  2. In the BARRACKS
  4. In the ARMORY
  5. In the SUPPLY ROOM

Now once the Valkyrie drone strike / zombie wave has ended in the hatchery when the egg is in the incubator during the Gauntlet of Siegfried quest, it will activate a generator facing the egg incubator. This will be active for a set period of time and while it is active, you need activate these dials around the map and change them to a specific number, starting with finding the very first one which has a light lit up GREEN on top of it and the second one called the PASSWORD CYLINDER.

Password Cylinder:

This is where you will start and begin to work out the number that each of the dials needs set to. This GREEN light and PASSWORD dial is totally random and changes every play through or if the generator conks out as you have taken too long. If the generator does conk out, all the lights go out on the dials you were working on. Simply play through to the next round and head back over to the HATCHERY and activate the generator again and repeat the process. The GREEN light is basically the starting location and the PASSWORD CYLINDER is where we are trying to connect all the other valves too.

When all dials have their specific number required set on them, the Password Cylinder will open and allow you to pick up the Password Cylinder. Now lets see how we find out what the numbers are we need to set each of the dials to.

Step 4 - Puzzling....but where's my trophy!

The following images from MR DALEKJD's video, show you what the rest of the dials need to be set too, depending on where the Starting GREEN light dial is located and where the PASSWORD CYLINDER dial is located. Check which one corresponds to your game for each of the areas and match up the 2 starting cylinder locations, then run to the other locations and set the dial to the numbers shown on the image for that specific locations. The "T" in the diagram is the password cylinder location and "G" is the starting dial with the green light:

Work through the dials and set them to their desired number. Then run to the password cylinder location and retrieve the "Master Code Cylinder":


Once you have it, run over to the supercomputer SOPHIA in DRAGON COMMAND and input the cylinder into it. It will spin around and have its letters all jumbled up on the cilynder. We need to change the letters to spell the word "KRONOS" from top to bottom. We change the letters on the cylinder by shooting each letter and they will rotate to a totally different one. 




Once you have spelt KRONOS hit the use button on SOPHIA and it will activate the password. Then, make sure you have the Gauntlet of Siegfried by this point, head over to the OPERATIONS BUNKER and using the Gauntlet of Siegfried, melee punch the safe which is protecting the last trophy. After a punch or two it should crack open and you can retrieve the last trophy......phew we finally got there.


Step 5 - Special Trophy Delivery
Next head over to the super computer SOPHIA and just facing her you will see a huge green MAP SCREEN which you need to interact with. Interacting with it will place all of your 6 trophies just underneath the screen for her to choose one randomly. When she chooses one, it will initiate a random challenge for you to complete.
When she has chosen a challenge, the red light in the middle will turn green, Simply go up to the green button and hold the use button to activate the challenge she has selected for you. Do not worry if you fail her challenge, simply play through to the end of the round you failed on and come back in a fresh round and it will be ready to activate another.
The six available challenges are as follows and relate to specific trophies:
  • Friendly Mangler
  • Drop Pod
  • Valkyrie Drone
  • Gersch Soul
  • Bomb Defuse
  • Group 935
If unsure about any of these steps, then please watch MRDALEKJD'S Youtube channel to find out exactly how to do the main Easter Egg:

Thanks for reading as always guys.

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