Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Dead of the Night Map Layout - Black Ops 4 Zombies

Dead of the Night - Map Layout

Hi Guys,

here is 2 map layouts for the awesome level "Dead of the Night" that is included within Black Ops 4 Zombies. This map has not been created by me this time as there is no use inventing the wheel and I thought these 2 maps are actually very good and informative.

I will be going over all the usual secrets and Easter Eggs at some point as I catch up on all the stuff I have missed due to being not well for a lot of last year and working full time.

These maps are from REDDIT and full credit is given to the posters of these maps below along with the original REDDIT post link.

Map Layouts

This map layout is a general overview of the level with the key locations marked on it.

This map was created by PvtLoganator 

Web reference: Click here for REDDIT post

This next map layout is a more detailed view of the level with the key locations marked on it.

This map was created by Sandkastles


"Dead of the Night is set in Alistair Rhodes' mansion in England. The map is quite large, beating out IX but is smaller than Voyage of Despair. When players first spawn in, they will be divided by a barrier that can only be opened by acquiring the map's Sentinel Artefact, acting in a similar manner to Verr├╝ckt and Voyage of Despair. 

When a player opens a door on one side of the barrier, the other set of doors will open on the other. When the player reaches the Sentinel Artefact and activates it, more of the map will be opened up. 

From the Main Hall, the player can travel north, west, or east. Heading east will bring the player through the bedrooms, dining room, and eventually the gardens and greenhouse laboratory. Heading west will bring the player through the billiards room, library, and eventually the cemetery and mausoleum. Heading north will bring the player to the forest, which can be opened by collecting three tuning forks. 

There are also small hallways that connect the main hall with the dining room and library, and beneath the grand staircase is the wine cellar. In each of the main areas at the end of each direction are fast travel portals which brings the player back to the main hall. There is also a fast travel portal in the entrance hall that brings the player to the forest once the latter is unlocked.
This map also features different spawnable locations for each of the Perk Altars aside from Danu Altar. While Danu will always spawn in the entrance hall, Ra, Zeus, and Odin will spawn at either the forest terrace, wine cellar, gardens, or mausoleum."

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