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Activating the Satellites in Die Maschine - Large Zombie Essence Reward

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Hey guys,

here is one of the secrets in Die Maschine which gets you 3 very tasty large zombie essence pickups as a bonus for simply realigning some satellite dishes that some dodgy satellite installers have put up in  Call Of Duty Cold War

Seeing the reward you get for fixing these dishes alignment, I think I should have been a satellite repair man in this zombie level, as it seems to pay big bucks.....career change in mind.

Now if you are strapped for cash in zombies and want to give your bank balance a boost and get the good stuff earlier on in the game, then it is definitely worth completing as it is very easy to do.

The prerequisites before we put our hard hat on and go climbing telegraph poles to realign 3 dishes that are located within Die Maschine, we need to have:

Now that we have prepared, lets embark on finding these satellites....

Satellite 1 Location

In the YARD area, where the tank is located, stand in front of the tank and look in the direction its cannon is pointed to. Then simply turn right about 45 degree and you should see the tower in the distance. 

Here is where it appears in the map for the YARD:

Simply shoot the satellite dish on top of this RADIO MAST TOWER until it spins around and faces towards Nacht Der Untoten area (OMEGA OUTPOST). You will know when you have shot it correctly as you will see a BOLT OF BLUE ELECTRICITY sizzle just underneath it.

Satellite Location 2 
The second satellite location is just behind the Juggernog machine in the CRASH SITE area of the map. Simply standing between the rock and the plane wing sticking up out of the ground, looking towards where the trees splits in the distance, you will see the radio mast with the satellite dish on top.

Do the same again and keep shooting it until it faces Nacht Der Untoten (Best with a sniper rifle as its a bit far away) and you see the small blue electrical charge emanating from it.

Satellite Location 3
The last satellite location is in the POND AREA and is located just behind the QUICK REVIVE machine. If looking at the perk machine dead on, simply turn about 45 degrees to the right and you should see the radio mast with the satellite on top sticking out of the natural woodland like a sore thumb.....if can't see it.....please get eyes tested......should be getting it done once a year anyway. 

When all 3 satellites have been pointed toward Nacht Der Untoten, there will be a ray of blue electricity or possibly radio waves, converging on the roof of the OMEGA OUTPOST'S PENTHOUSE area.

You will see some purple stuff glowing from down below when you look up and the good news is, this is the bounty you have been after, 3 LARGE ZOMBIE ESSENCE PICKUPS.......payday baby awwww yeahhhhh!!! KA-CHING!!! This should net you 1500 zombie essence to do as you please, spend on sweets,  utilities, knock yourself out.

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrDalekJD's video on Youtube:

Thanks for reading as always guys.

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