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Monster Hand Easter Egg and Legendary Weapon Upgrade - Die Maschine Zombies


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Hey guys,

here is one of the secrets in Die Maschine for Call Of Duty Cold War which allows you to summon a MONSTER HAND from a door in the MEDICAL BAY area after shooting and activating several lights on doors within this area. 

Upon feeding this huge hands appetite around 15 zombies, it will reward you with a legendary version of whatever weapon you are currently holding when it is completed, as thanks for letting it slap the taste out of those 15 zombies mouths.

The weapon will have legendary tier status and damage making it a very formidable weapon indeed at slaying the undead hordes.

Want to know how to get it? Well why didn't you say so, lets see how to get to it.

4 Doors Green With Envy

In the MEDICAL BAY AREA just behind the SPEED COLA PERK MACHINE is a slightly wider gap in the wall, which looks down a long corridor with doors on either side. There are 4 doors in total, each with a little red button on the outside which you need to shoot in order to activate each door while you are in the Dark Aether.

When you successfully hit each red button and activate the door, a green light will appear above that door. 2 doors are located on the left hand side of this corridor and 2 on the right. Shoot all 4 to activate the final door closest to you on the left hand side which yields the giant MONSTER GRABBING ZOMBIE HAND.

Here is hitting the red button on the closest door to you on the right hand side:

Then another door on the right hand side:

Then another door that can test your eye sight on the left hand side near the back:

Then last but not least the one closest to you:

Once all 4 doors have been shot you will see a green ray of light coming through the window on the closest left hand side door you shoot last and the hand will eventually claw its way through and start the slapping like a wet lettuce process for passing zombies:

What you need to do is shoot the button on this door with the green ray of light coming through and the zombie hand will come out and start swiping and killing passing zombies. After a few swipes the door will close and you need to wait until zombies come down the corridor again, as they approach the door with the hand, shoot the button again and it will come out and start sweeping those zombies up.

You need to stay in the area and let the hand kill around 15 zombies before it will upgrade whatever weapon you are currently holding to TIER 5. It looks pretty easy but this area is very tight nit and there is not a lot of room to train and dodge zombies in the MEDICAL BAY area. Its definitely much easier to do in 4 player as when a stream of zombies zombies come flooding into this area on a fresh, high round, there's about a 99.9% chance you are going down town and hitting the deck like a sack of potatoes.

It can be a good little secret to do if on the lower rounds and have a good set of weapons like the ray gun has been attained as early as possible, but may not be worth risking your life every play through for this, but I will leave it up to you. If your a gambler go for it and you may come out the other side unscathed, if you try it and it fails......it was nice knowing you.

Some people believe this is do with the GIANT MONSTER that can be seen walking through the forest of the map, especially near the CRASH SITE AREA and its his hand that's used to scrape the zombie infestation from the earth:

Thanks for reading as always guys.

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