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Crash Site Map Layout for Die Maschine - Cold War Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Yard -- Omega Outpost -- Crash Site -- Tunnel / Control Room -- Weapons Lab -- Pond -- Medical Bay -- Particle Accelerator -- 

Secrets: -- Pack A Punch / Power -- FREE D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Upgrading the D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Easter Egg Song -- Building the Aetherscope -- Medical Computer Password / Dr Vogels Diary -- Coffin Dance -- Monster Hand Weapon Upgrade -- Satellite Easter Egg -- Floating Zombie --

Easter Egg guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hi guys,

here is the map layout for the CRASH SITE area in the zombies map Die Maschine in Call Of Duty Cold War. Although its a large area with lots of space, due to the amount of zombie entrance points in this area, it can amass huge crowds of zombies. 

As there is a good bit of space, its a good area for training and bunching zombies together to deliver a killer blow to a huge group of zombies in a single swoop, such as C4 or an energy mine. 

This area is where there is a downed airplane in the middle and contains some very interesting points of interest, to do with:

  • Aetherscope Buildable Part (1 of 3)

  • D.I.E. Nova 5 Weapons Crate (relates to canister filled with plaguehound gas)

  • Fuse (Located under the cockpit and accessible when cock pit is floating)

  • D.I.E. Electrobolt Crystal (Can only be seen in Dark Aether)

  • Aether Tunnel Leading to MEDICAL BAY and Pack A Punch Part

  • Access to TUNNEL Area
  • Access to POND area
  • Juggernog Perk Machine 
  • Ammo Cache
  • Gallo SA12 wall buy (Costs 2000 credits)
  • Mystery Box Spawn Location
  • Dropdown Access from PENTHOUSE area
  • Satellite Location (Large Zombie Essence Easter Egg)

Here is the Map Layout for the CRASH SITE AREA:


The PORTAL TUNNEL in this area leads down to the MEDICAL BAY. No not to Michael Bay, even though it sounds quite similar and there are lots of explosions going on in this map, into the MEDICAL BAY I said, to a room you cannot access initially. 

Once you go through this portal, for a cost of 500 credits in SOLO, you will see the PACK A PUNCH part in the room the portal throws you out of your inter dimensional travel.

This then makes the door open to this room, which was previously closed, allowing you access now to the MEDICAL BAY in all its infancy.....which is an extremely limited and close quarters space.

Satellite Location
1 of 3 satellites dotted around the map which need to be realigned. Once all 3 have been realigned, you will get a LARGE ZOMBIE ESSENCE REWARD which will be collected from the PENTHOUSE rooftop on top of OMEGA OUTPOST.

Prerequisites are that you need to have:

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