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Medical Bay Computer Password and Dr Vogel's Diary in Die Maschine - Cold War Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Yard -- Omega Outpost -- Crash Site -- Tunnel / Control Room -- Weapons Lab -- Pond -- Medical Bay -- Particle Accelerator -- 

Secrets: -- Pack A Punch / Power -- FREE D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Upgrading the D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Easter Egg Song -- Building the Aetherscope -- Medical Computer Password / Dr Vogels Diary -- Coffin Dance -- Monster Hand Weapon Upgrade -- Satellite Easter Egg -- Floating Zombie --

Easter Egg guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hey guys,

Here is how to decrypt the PASSWORD for the COMPUTER located in the MEDICAL BAY area of Die Maschine Zombies in Call Of Duty Cold War. Also it shows where to find Dr Vogel's Diary and how to use it.

The prerequisite for finding Dr Vogel's Diary is to have found all 3 parts to the AETHERSCOPE and built it using one of the crafting tables. This is because when you go into the DARK AETHER, you will not be able to see this diary unless you have the AETHERSCOPE equipped. 


It seems to see things that normal people cannot, perhaps picking up spectral reflections or paranormal style activity. Either way, whatever is behind the science, we need it to help complete the main Easter egg.

Once we decrypt the computer password after carrying out the following tasks, we will be activating a machine in the ceiling of the MEDICAL BAY area which we will use to trap a MEGATON zombies 2 fronds he splits into when the larger one is destroyed.

This machine will then transform the 2 Megaton split personality zombies back into one which will have all the memories and motor functions of Dr Vogel himself.

 Medical Emergency!

Once you pick the AETHERSCOPE up, make you way to the MEDICAL BAY, don't worry its only for a check up, where you will find another portal that will take you to the DARK AETHER. Once you enter it, head over to the room where the COMPUTER is located in the MEDICAL BAY that, when in the normal world, asks you for a PASSWORD.

Here in the AETHER side of things you will come across DR VOGELS DIARY. Pick this up and don't read it, its got all his secrets and formula's etc worth billions in the real world.........alright lets have a peek! Could be some juicy gossip.

Somebody get me the Ghostbusters!
Now we have DR VOGELS DIARY, drop down to the lower area of the MEDICAL BAY to the little side section beside where the SPEED COLA PERK MACHINE is located. On picking up the diary, you will have been notified by the Star Trek style computer that an anomaly has been detected.

In this lower section in the MEDICAL BAY, there will be a blue orb which you need to hold the use button on. This will make a SPECTRAL REFLECTION of Dr Vogel appear here, which you will need to give DR VOGELS DIARY to. 2 more anomalies will then spawn into the map in the form of these BLUE ORBS.

Ghostbusters 2!
Next we need to go to the CONTROL ROOM and in front of the TRIALS COMPUTER, there will be another orb we need to interact with in order to bring through the SPECTRAL REFLECTION number 2.

When they come through to say hello, you need to give them DR VOGELS DIARY again, where there will then be some more dialogue read out to you by the reflection. For all of these dialogue sequences, you can just fire onto the next one, as you don't need to listen to them all if you do want to.

Ghostbusters 3 - Answer the call
Lastly the third orb is located in the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR room where the Pack A Punch machine is, at the crafting table located in this area. Again give the ghost the diary and let them act out their dialogue, where you can then move onto the next step, which involves a bit of computer hacking.

Ethical Hacking
Now that we have broken some data protection rules and given out sensitive information to ghosts from a distant pass, we can head to the MEDICAL BAY area, back to the room where there was a COMPUTER ASKING FOR A PASSWORD, which we didn't have a baldy what the password was.

Now we have the password from the diary, it can be entered into the computer by holding the use button on it. It will input the password for you and will activate a machine on the other side of the glass in the medical bay which is attached to the ceiling.

You will see a message from the PA SYSTEM saying "Warning: Initialization Interrupted. Power Required." 

Thats when you know you have done all that is required of this part, this is part of the Main Easter Egg and needs to be done in order to complete the level.

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