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Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide - Cold War Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Yard -- Omega Outpost -- Crash Site -- Tunnel / Control Room -- Weapons Lab -- Pond -- Medical Bay -- Particle Accelerator -- 

Secrets: -- Pack A Punch / Power -- FREE D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Upgrading the D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Easter Egg Song -- Building the Aetherscope -- Medical Computer Password / Dr Vogels Diary -- Coffin Dance -- Monster Hand Weapon Upgrade -- Satellite Easter Egg -- Floating Zombie --

Easter Egg guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hi guys,

Here is the full Easter Egg Guide walkthrough for the map Die Maschine in Call Of Duty Cold War. This Easter egg is thankfully not as hard as some of the other zombie maps we have come across, which is good for me as some I find some quite complicated  to complete and nearly impossibly to my dinner......have you tasted my cooking? I wouldn't eat it either.

Anyway enough talk about food as my stomach is starting to rumble already at thought of something to eat, lets get started on how to complete the Easter egg for this and get you the hell out of Die Maschine before its too late.

Lets do this!

We need to first make our way to the main facility which is the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR area. 

Once there we need to:

Now that Pack A Punch is activated, we will not pull any punches from this point on and continue on our quest to complete the Easter Egg.

Dark Aether
First up we need to buckle our seat belts and make sure our tray tables are in their upright positions, as we take a trip through one of the portals, or anomalies as they are scientifically referred to, in the game. Once the Pack A Punch machine has been built, an anomaly will have spawned somewhere on the map. 

This will appear as a DIAMOND shape with a STAR in the middle of it. Simply walk up to it and hold the use button and you will slowly be atomised into billions of particles and thrown across space and time to god knows where......where you will then appear on the other side in the same spot.....hmmm didn't seem to go far, just into an alternate reality perhaps?

When in the Dark Aether, you now need to find 3 parts, which all spawn in the same locations, but in a different order they spawn in each play through. These 3 parts relate to building the very cool sounding ATHERSCOPE

Aetherscope Part 1 Location
This part is located just under the stairs to the left of the crafting table in the YARD area. It looks almost like a weird TV aerial.

Aetherscope Part 2 Location
This second part is located at the CRASH SITE area on top of the destroyed plane engine, just behind the planes cockpit, which should be floating high in the sky in the Aether side of things. If a plane cockpit defying the laws of physics is not an anomaly, then I don't know what is.

It looks like a small box or battery of some sort.

Aetherscrope Part 3 Location
The last part spawns in the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR area where Pack A Punch is located. It looks like some kind of small canister of sorts. This is near the UPGRADE STATION, just down the stairs where the FAST TRAVEL spawns near it.

You should have enough time in this single trip to run around and grab all 3 of these parts no problem before being thrown back into the normal world.

Now you have all 3 parts, we just need something to build them with and that is the CRAFTING BENCH.

Find one of these benches such as the one in the YARD or PARTICLE ACCELERATOR area and build the AETHERSCOPE. Once built, Officer Weaver will show his shady face and give you some dialogue.

Medical Emergency!
Once you pick the AETHERSCOPE up, make you way to the MEDICAL BAY, don't worry its only for a check up, where you will find another portal that will take you to the DARK AETHER. Once you enter it, head over to the room where the COMPUTER is located in the MEDICAL BAY that, when in the normal world, asks you for a PASSWORD.

Here in the AETHER side of things you will come across DR VOGELS DIARY. Pick this up and don't read it, its got all his secrets and formula's etc worth billions in the real world.........alright lets have a peek! Could be some juicy gossip.

Somebody get me the Ghostbusters!
Now we have DR VOGELS DIARY, drop down to the lower area of the MEDICAL BAY to the little side section beside where the SPEED COLA PERK MACHINE is located. On picking up the diary, you will have been notified by the Star Trek style computer that an anomaly has been detected.

In this lower section in the MEDICAL BAY, there will be a blue orb which you need to hold the use button on. This will make a SPECTRAL REFLECTION of Dr Vogel appear here, which you will need to give DR VOGELS DIARY to. 2 more anomalies will then spawn into the map in the form of these BLUE ORBS.

Ghostbusters 2!
Next we need to go to the CONTROL ROOM and in front of the TRIALS COMPUTER, there will be another orb we need to interact with in order to bring through the SPECTRAL REFLECTION number 2.

When they come through to say hello, you need to give them DR VOGELS DIARY again, where there will then be some more dialogue read out to you by the reflection. For all of these dialogue sequences, you can just fire onto the next one, as you don't need to listen to them all if you do want to.

Ghostbusters 3 - Answer the call
Lastly the third orb is located in the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR room where the Pack A Punch machine is, at the crafting table located in this area. Again give the ghost the diary and let them act out their dialogue, where you can then move onto the next step, which involves a bit of computer hacking.

Ethical Hacking
Now that we have broken some data protection rules and given out sensitive information to ghosts from a distant pass, we can head to the MEDICAL BAY area, back to the room where there was a COMPUTER ASKING FOR A PASSWORD, which we didn't have a baldy what the password was.

Now we have the password from the diary, it can be entered into the computer by holding the use button on it. It will input the password for you and will activate a machine on the other side of the glass in the medical bay which is attached to the ceiling.

You will see a message from the PA SYSTEM saying "Warning: Initialization Interrupted. Power Required." This means we can now go on our quest to get the free WONDERWEAPON and its upgrades in this map.

Megaton Zombie
In order to get the Wonderweapon on this map, we first need to kill our first MEGATON ZOMBIE in the game, as well as killing the 2 zombies that it splits into. These are the zombies that glow green and used to be wearing a radioactive protection suit which offered little to bugger all protection, as its decaying around them and leaking radiation all over the show.

When you kill the 2 zombies it splits into, it will drop a KEYCARD which can be picked up. 

Once you pick it up, head over to the WEAPONS LAB area where you will find a machine which you can insert this KEYCARD into and it will pop out a drawer containing the D.I.E. REMOTE CONTROL.

Living it up
This remote control is used in the LIVING ROOM area where you need to find a crack in the wall to use the remote control. Most remote control used in a living room is for the TV, DVD player etc, this is used to turn on a machine inside that room you see through the crack in the wall, that sucks zombie souls through the steel door that it sits behind......seems like one giant.....really powerful vacuum cleaner.

To fill the machine up with zombie souls, simply train about 25 to 30 zombies near the steel door that you an see air being sucked into. When a zombie walks past it and killed, you will see their red dead, evil soul being sucked into the machine.

There is a certain time limit to filling up the machine and if you do not fill the machines belly with enough zombie souls in time, then the machine will enter a cool down mode. After a brief period of time between 10 to 20 seconds, you can reactivate the machine and try again.

After successfully filling the machine, simply go back to the crack in the wall and discharge the machine. A prompt will come up saying "D.I.E. discharge". Hold the use button ad this will discharge the built up energy inside the machine and blow the door off this room that you couldn't previously access.

When the door opens, it will reveal a sorry site, with a skeleton laying on the floor cradling the D.I.E. Machine. Hold the use button to pick it up and now you can unleash its true power, using the zombie hordes as target practice.

In the next part lets chat about upgrading the D.I.E. WONDER WEAPON.

Not sure how to do any of the steps? Then check out MR DALEK JD's video:

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