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Easter Egg Song in Die Maschine Zombies - Call Of Duty Cold War

Map Layouts: -- Yard -- Omega Outpost -- Crash Site -- Tunnel / Control Room -- Weapons Lab -- Pond -- Medical Bay -- Particle Accelerator -- 

Secrets: -- Pack A Punch / Power -- FREE D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Upgrading the D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Easter Egg Song -- Building the Aetherscope -- Medical Computer Password / Dr Vogels Diary -- Coffin Dance -- Monster Hand Weapon Upgrade -- Satellite Easter Egg -- Floating Zombie --

Easter Egg guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hi guys,

Here is how to activate and listen to the awesome musical Easter Egg in the zombies map Die Maschine in Call Of Duty Cold War

This secret track is called "Alone" by Clark S Nova. Have a listen here if haven't heard it yet its class:

Its definitely worth a listen to and like most of any other Call Of Duty Zombies musical easter eggs, the music ties in very well with the zombie horror, onslaught, fear and commotion that goes on as you progress through the levels.

How do we activate this song in game? Get me a cassette playe and I'll show your.....I hear some millennials or people born after 2000 asking, what the hell is a cassette player? Well lets find out.....

To activate this song, we need to find 3 cassette tapes scattered throughout the map. They can be found at the following locations:

Cassette Tape Location 1

The first location is in the LIVING ROOM area, inside what appears to be the refrigerator. Trust me folks who haven't used a cassette tape, this is not how they were stored. Simply walk up to the object and hold the USE button on it and that will be numero uno of the cassettes bagged and tagged.

Cassette Tape Location 2

The second cassette location is in the MEDICAL BAY on a stack of shelves in the room, along the left hand side wall, where the computer is located and needs the password entered into it. This is the computer with the red glowing screen. 

Cassette Tape Location 3

The last tape location is on the ground floor of the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR ROOM. It is sitting on top of an old computer server. To get to it, if entering from the MEDICAL BAY, walk down the stairs leading down to the right of the UPGRADE STATION, sticking to the right hand side of the surroundings.

When you get to this part of the map you will see it sitting on top of the computer.

Not sure how to do any of the steps? Then check out MR WILLIAM THOR's video:

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