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Die Maschine Activating Pack A Punch Machine & Turning on the Power - Cold War Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Yard -- Omega Outpost -- Crash Site -- Tunnel / Control Room -- Weapons Lab -- Pond -- Medical Bay -- Particle Accelerator -- 

Secrets: -- Pack A Punch / Power -- FREE D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Upgrading the D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Easter Egg Song -- Building the Aetherscope -- Medical Computer Password / Dr Vogels Diary -- Coffin Dance -- Monster Hand Weapon Upgrade -- Satellite Easter Egg -- Floating Zombie --

Easter Egg guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hi guys,

Here is how to activate the Pack A Punch machine and Turn on the Power in Die Maschine zombies in Call Of Duty Cold War

From the main spawn area, which is the YARD, there are 2 ways that you can make your way to Pack A Punch. Each way, no matter which one you take will take a bit of money or mulah to get to it, as nothing in life is free.....not even in computer games.

From the Yard, to get to the main central facility which is the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR area, I normally follow the route described below, these routes and door prices are based on SOLO play. I normally go this route as more times than not, the RANDOM CRATE is nearly always on this side at the start:

My Route With Door and Debris Costs

  • Yard to Omega Outpost - costs 500 to open door

  • Omega Outpost ground floor upstairs to bedroom - costs 750 to open debris

  • Bedroom area to Crash Site area - costs 1000 to clear debris

  • Crash site to the Tunnel area - costs 1250 to open debris

  • Then when in the Tunnel, walk up to the Facility and the automated doors will open for free

  • Take Left or right door, I took way to Medical Bay side - costs 1500 to clear debris

  • Medical bay to Particle Accelerator Room - costs 1500 to open

  • Then from Particle Accelerator Room to Main Power Room - costs 1750 to open

Total cost to go this ways is a lot! but equals....take the 5...multiply by 2....take the denominator.....TOTAL = 8250 credits.....about a months zombies killing wages.

Then all you need to do is walk up to the POWER SWITCH in the POWER ROOM and hey presto we are back in business, free electricity! When you activate the power, you will now see a prompt for 2 terminals appearing on screen:

1. Activate Hydro Energy Infusion

2. Activate Cyclotron Resonator

Dont worry you don't need a degree in physics or chemistry to work out what these do, just do what any budding adventurous scientist would do and experiment! Simply whack both buttons and see what happens, we will deal with the consequences later, long as we don't blow this lab up in the process, along with ourselves.....daunting thought. Now we move onto Pack A Punch.

Activating Pack a Punch

Now you have activated both prompts at the control panels, the computer will tell you that stabilisation ahs been restored and that an anomaly is coming into the map to say hello.

As a representative of planet earth and of all things science, you need to go up to the ANOMALY in the map and hold the action button on it for a second or two while the rest of us hide behind this desk while you interact with this highly dangerous unknown object. 

When you interact with it, it will allow you to enter the DARK AETHER.....sounds scary but its not so bad, just with more purple kinda neon lights in it which makes it look much cooler than normal reality.

When you enter the DARK AETHER, make your way outside to the CRASH SITE area to see if you can see the prompt for AETHER TUNNEL. This can spawn in 1 of 3 places on the map, 1 is in the CRASH SITE area underneath the downed planes cockpit and the other 2 are on the side of the POND area just beside each other:

Run up to the AETHER TUNNEL and hold the USE BUTTON in order to enter it at a cost of 500 credits. This tunnel will take you to a secret part of the map you couldn't access previously in the MEDICAL BAY.

When you come twinkling down in the light of the tunnel, the door will open for you so you can get out of the room and into the MEDICAL BAY again. Look in that room however before leaving and you will see the MACHINE PART sitting in the corner, pick this up as you will need it to build the PACK A PUNCH machine.

Make you way back into the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR room toward the prompt for the "Machine". Simply walk up to it and hold the interact button and it use the part to forge the PACK A PUNCH machine, making it work like new again. 

This will then bring you back into the normal map and out of the DARK AETHER as you only have a limited time each time you go into it.....even in inter-dimensional travel time is still a constant....just can't get away from it.

PACK A PUNCH upgrading weapon prices through the could say these prices bring a ....."tier" my more jokes I promise:

  • 5000 points for tier 1
  • 15000 points to upgrade to tier 2
  • 30000 points to upgrade to tier 3

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out Mr DalekJD's youtube video:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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