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Building the Aetherscope in Die Maschine Zombies - Call Of Duty Cold War

Map Layouts: -- Yard -- Omega Outpost -- Crash Site -- Tunnel / Control Room -- Weapons Lab -- Pond -- Medical Bay -- Particle Accelerator -- 

Secrets: -- Pack A Punch / Power -- FREE D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Upgrading the D.I.E. Wonderweapon -- Easter Egg Song -- Building the Aetherscope -- Medical Computer Password / Dr Vogels Diary -- Coffin Dance -- Monster Hand Weapon Upgrade -- Satellite Easter Egg -- Floating Zombie --

Easter Egg guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Hey Guys,

here is how to find all 3 parts for building the Atherscope in Die Maschine Zombies in Call Of Duty Cold War. This is not too tricky to do as all 3 parts for it spawn in the same locations, just in a different spawn order on each playthrough. 

The AETHERSCOPE is required to complete the main Easter Egg on this map and will also reveal more anomalies, portals and other strange things you cannot normally see with your own eyes when you are in the DARK AETHER, such as Dr Vogel's Diary in the MEDICAL BAY area.

Lets get down to business to see how we can construct this object without needing a degree in nuclear physics.....

Dark Aether

First up we need to buckle our seat belts and make sure our tray tables are in their upright positions, as we take a trip through one of the portals, or anomalies as they are scientifically referred to, in the game. Once the Pack A Punch machine has been built, an anomaly will have spawned somewhere on the map. 

This will appear as a DIAMOND shape with a STAR in the middle of it. Simply walk up to it and hold the use button and you will slowly be atomised into billions of particles and thrown across space and time to god knows where......where you will then appear on the other side in the same spot.....hmmm didn't seem to go far, just into an alternate reality perhaps?

When in the Dark Aether, you now need to find 3 parts, which all spawn in the same locations, but in a different order they spawn in each play through. These 3 parts relate to building the very cool sounding ATHERSCOPE

Aetherscope Part 1 Location
This part is located just under the stairs to the left of the crafting table in the YARD area. It looks almost like a weird TV aerial.

Aetherscope Part 2 Location
This second part is located at the CRASH SITE area on top of the destroyed plane engine, just behind the planes cockpit, which should be floating high in the sky in the Aether side of things. If a plane cockpit defying the laws of physics is not an anomaly, then I don't know what is.

It looks like a small box or battery of some sort.

Aetherscrope Part 3 Location
The last part spawns in the PARTICLE ACCELERATOR area where Pack A Punch is located. It looks like some kind of small canister of sorts. This is near the UPGRADE STATION, just down the stairs where the FAST TRAVEL spawns near it.

You should have enough time in this single trip to run around and grab all 3 of these parts no problem before being thrown back into the normal world.

Now you have all 3 parts, we just need something to build them with and that is the CRAFTING BENCH.

Find one of these benches such as the one in the YARD, TUNNEL or PARTICLE ACCELERATOR area and build the AETHERSCOPE. Once built, Officer Weaver will show his shady face and give you some dialogue.

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