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Firebase Z Map Layout SCORCHED DEFENCE area - Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies


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Hey guys,

here is the map layout for the SCORCHED DEFENCE area in the newest zombies map Firebase Z for Call Of Duty Cold War. This is one of the 3 defences that gets attacked every so many rounds and you must defend. Portals open in the skinny valley's that are at the far end of this area and spawns loads of flesh eating zombie maniacs destined to make Firebase Z their new home. 

The turrets and guns etc in these areas have some automated defence's, however they cannot stop all their attackers and need a little humanoid help along the way to hold the hordes back. The defence's areas have some heavy hitting equipment to help you repel the zombie invaders in the form of NAPALM STRIKE, ARTILLERY STRIKE and CRUISE MISSILE STRIKE.

It has the following points of interest:
  • Access to MISSION CONTROL area
  • Access to BARRACKS area
  • SHOVEL pickup
  • Crafting table
  • Jump pad landing area
  • Ammo crate
  • Intel Pickup location on top level 
  • Mystery Box
  • M82 wall buy - costs 2000 credits
  • Sergei's Head - 2 spawn locations
  • Dimitri's Eyeball - only appears whenever you have picked up the BLUEPRINT for the R.A.I. K-84 wonder weapon in the WEAPONS LAB area. Use this on the computer in the WEAPONS LAB area which has the red text on the screen saying "PROVE YOU ARE ME". You will insert his eyeball into the retina scanner.

SCORCHED DEFENCE Ground Floor Map Layout:

SCORCHED DEFENCE Upper Floor Map Layout:

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