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Firebase Z Musical Easter Egg Song - Call of Duty Cold War Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Courtyard -- HeliPad -- Barracks -- Motor Pool -- Military Command -- Open Lot -- Mission Control -- Scorched Defence -- Jungle Defence -- Rocky Defence -- Data Centre -- Scientist Quarters / Briefing Room / Mess Hall / Pecks Quarters -- Weapons Lab -- OPC / Skybridge --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: -- Musical Easter Egg -- Building the R.A.I. K84 Wonder Weapon -- Free perk in Colonel's Office -- Free Loot Crate -- Free Jump Pad Travel -- Petting a Hellhound -- Upgraded Monkey Bombs --

Hey guys,

here is the guide to activate the MUSICAL EASTER EGG in the newest zombies map Firebase Z for Call Of Duty Cold War. The song is very cool, as all of them have been in every zombies map they have belted their tunes out on, and this one is by Kevin Sherwood and is called "LOST".

In order to listen to this tune and kick back from all the zombie killing, chasing and avoiding being eaten alive, you will need to find 3 cassette tapes.....lets find their locations right now and get our groove on.

As usual, these tapes can be collected in any order, so lets get the easiest one first, as its right in the spawn area.

No Zombie killer is equipped correctly without some kick ass tunes!

The first cassette tape is located in the room to the right of the area you spawn in, the COURTYARD AREA, and is called the EQUIPMENT ROOM. This is the ground floor of the very first building you will encounter walking down the courtyard, on the right hand side.

It is on the stack of shelves to the left of the grey locker which holds one of the compounds in it that is used later in the Easter Egg and opened with Ravenov's Keycard.

You will have to pay to open the door to get in here, but totally worth it as you will need in here later for doing the Easter Egg.

Motor Pool Office, who said office work was boring?

This is the sneakiest one to find as most people think the tape will be on a desk, or set of shelves etc, but very few of us look on the floor. Its like hen we lose something off our desk in work and can't find it anywhere, only to one day pull the desk back from the wall and.....hey presto! Its fell down the back of the desk, duh! Why didn't I look there before?

This time around someone seems to have dropped it between the desk and the filing cabinet, so checking the back of the desk in this instance....will be totally useless.....sorry about that.

Simply hold the use button over it and pick it up and then we can get onto the last and final tape to get our music blasting out throughout this map.

These Scientists have good taste in music

The next area, is also joined onto the COURTYARD AREA, however you cannot get to it as its behind POWERED DOORS which need electricity in order to open them all.

This is usually the last cassette tape you will pick up as you can pick all the other up first without doing any activating/charging of the AETHEREUM REACTORS.

It is located in the SCIENTIST QUARTERS on the top floor of the large building on the left hand side of the COURTYARD AREA. It sits to the right of the stairs coming up from the BRIEFING ROOM below and is on a small shelving unit.

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out The Gaming Revolution's Youtube video below;

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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