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Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide Part 2 - Call of Duty cold War Zombies


Map Layouts: -- Courtyard -- HeliPad -- Barracks -- Motor Pool -- Military Command -- Open Lot -- Mission Control -- Scorched Defence -- Jungle Defence -- Rocky Defence -- Data Centre -- Scientist Quarters / Briefing Room / Mess Hall / Pecks Quarters -- Weapons Lab -- OPC / Skybridge --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: -- Musical Easter Egg -- Building the R.A.I. K84 Wonder Weapon -- Free perk in Colonel's Office -- Free Loot Crate -- Free Jump Pad Travel -- Petting a Hellhound -- Upgraded Monkey Bombs --

This Mimics got soul but he's not a soldier
Next what we need to do is go to specific areas on the map and find items that are lying on the floor. Once we find these items, we will walk past them and eventually one of them will turn from whatever it is e.g. a chopper gunner, crossbow etc back into the MIMIC that was imitating that object and it will try and kill you. Some items are just there for show to confuse you and can't be picked up, nor will they spawn a hell raising murderous mimic on you.

When this particular mimic spawns when walking near one of the items, then that is the specific mimic you need to trap using your ESSENCE TRAP.

To use the ESSENCE TRAP, it works exactly like C4 does, you throw it down and then you double tap the use button in quick succession to activate it. To actually capture a MIMIC within the ESSENCE TRAP, you need to get it down to about 10% or 20% health left so that it is severely weakened. Only then when it runs over the trap and you activate it will it actually suck in the MIMIC who is giving up the ghost in the end.

Once you trap the MIMIC, don't forget to pick the ESSENCE TRAP up again. The trap will give an audio readout if the target you have captured is the correct mimic or not. If it is the correct mimic, you can then head back to the DATA CENTRE and put this trap into the MEMORY TRANSFERRENCE STATION computer.

You will have about 3 minutes to get this mimic back into the DATA CENTRE, if you don't get him there within the time limit, he will burst out and want to tear your head off for a second time after stuffing him into a very tiny box he can barely breathe in.

When you insert this mimic trap into the MEMORY TRANSFERRENCE STATION it will play the memory as audio dialogue of the mimic you just inserted into the machine.

If the mimic you captured is not the correct one, it will say "Memory Corrupted" or it will read out memories from someone totally unrelated to the Easter Egg.

The 3 main guys we want to hear memories from are:

  • Sokolov
  • Brahms
  • Zabim

If you hear someone spinning yarns and tales who is not one of the above mentioned names, then you have definitely picked the wrong mimic and its time to try again. We all make mistakes so don't worry about it.

Each time you get the correct mimic, the person reading the memories will give out codes by each person, but I will remember them for you as I have written them down, we will use these later on.

Here are some of the spawn location of the MIMIC'S we are looking for, this is where items will appear on the floor in these areas and one will be the correct MIMIC:

  • Peck Quarters - Top floor in COURTYARD AREA (Map Layout)
  • Motor Pool Area and Motor Pool Office
  • Planning Offices
  • Skybridge 
  • Colonel's Office and Military Command area

To avoid any confusion before entering these areas, I would suggest terminating any MIMIC's currently chasing you around the map as it can be quite confusing if there's 3 or 4 chasing people and knowing which one is the real one.

You can also highlight it and mark it as a target if you see it spawn straight away to help keep track of it so you don't blast it into the netherworld. Don't worry if you kill the mimic you need by accident, just go onto the next round and search through the items on the floor again and he should respawn. Also check back over items that you have already checked out as this may pass the mimic spawn onto an item that is already existing on the map.

Get all 3 MIMICS listed with the above names and we can move onto the next step

Rebooting was my main frame of mind at the time
Once the last mimic memory is inserted in the machine, the MEMORY TRANSFERRENCE STATION will spot out a FLOPPY DISC for you to pick up.

Once picked up WEAVER will say that the MAINFRAME needs to be rebooted. He doesn't mean kicking it several times with your army boots, he means what most IT support technicians tell you to do when your computer at work has a problem....."Have you tried turning it off and on again?" be surprised how many times this actually fixes a problem.

Take the FLOPPY DISC over to the PLANNING OFFICES and insert it into the QUANTUM MAIN FRAME computer inside. Once it has downloaded onto the computer its contents, you will need to head over to the OPC itself, the giant orb in the middle of the map which, when I'm playing I call "The Egg". The real name is the OMEGA PORTAL CHAMBER but trying to remember that fries my brain, so "Egg" works better for me.

Head into the OPC which is now unlocked and you will see a PORTAL appearing. Once you have seen this you will need to head down and talk to Dr Peck one more time in the MISSION CONTROL AREA. After a nice chat, you will be told that you need to obtain some AETHERIUM CRYSTALS.

Ravenov will then speak to you on the radio and mention that to find the crystals, an AETHERMETER will be helpful. Luckily there is one just to the left of Dr Pecks office, where you should be standing right now.

Go over to the grey cabinet on the left and hold the use button to input the PASSCODE Ravenov has just given you. Holding the USE button will automatically enter the code for you. When the door opens to the cabinet, the ATHERMETER will fall out.....pick it up and lets move onto the next step.

We are family.....I got 3 Aetherum canister's with me
Now we need to find 3 AETHEREUM CANNISTERS around the map.

First up we will need to pick up the SHOVEL in the SCORCHED DEFENCE area, as we will have to get dirty and put our back into some work for digging up these cannister's for some of the pickup locations.

The SHOVEL is located in a small bunker on the left hand side of the SCORCHED DEFENCE area. Find it on the map here, its inside the bunker leaning against the window and some boxes.

Jungle Defence
head over to the JUNGLE DEFENCE area and run past the bunkers and barricades at the bottom into where the map branches off into 3 fingers which spawn the zombies and portals when that specific defence is being attacked.

You are looking for piles of dirt in this area and when walking over or near them, you will eventually hear a beeping nose. This is the AETHERMETER going off like a metal detector and the closer you are to the CANNISTER, the faster it will beep.

When you have found the correct location, it will prompt you to DIG. Hold the use button and it will unearth the cannister. When you do this for this cannister however, it will trigger a mini lockdown and you must stay inside the green sphere and protect the cannister from a full onslaught and range of zombies including hellhounds, mangler's and normal zombies.

Simply hold out for a 2 minutes or so and the lockdown will eventually be lifted. Make sure everyone is inside the sphere before you activate the lockdown as anyone outside of it will slowly lose health as some kind of damage is getting done to them in the form of something blowing in the wind outside the green sphere.

Once it has finished you can pick up the AETHER CRYSTAL and we can move onto the next CANNISTER location.

Open Lot
Next we head over to the OPEN LOT area and just outside the window to the ENGINEERING ROOM, the AETHERMETER should go nuts when detecting the AETHER CRYSTAL just outside this window. Dig up the crystal and before picking anything up.....hold your horses! This will spawn CRYSTALS all over the place, but not all are what they appear to be.

We need to examine each crystal very closely and try to find one that has no BLACK FLAKES, BLACK SMOKE or BLACK PARTICLES floating around inside the crystal. If you try to pick one of these crystal up, it will spawn a MIMIC instead and try to tear your face off as usual. We need to find one that is pure white inside with nothing floating around inside it.

Once you find one cannister like the one above with only the WHITE GLOW /SMOKE, you can pick it up successfully without being put in imminent danger.

These cannisters will spawn all over the place and the correct one with no black stuff inside will change each play through, the cannisters spawn locations are:

  • Open Lot
  • Planning Offices
  • Engineering Room

If you accidentally pick up the wrong cannister don't sweat it dude, simply play to the next round and dig up the very first cannister again in the same location and have a nosey at the cannisters again to try and get the right one. When you find the correct on, hold the use button to pick it up and we can move onto the last cannister.

Last but not least, we need to head over to the BARRACKS area where we will need to use the AETHERMETER again as a metal detector and find the beeps of where the CANNISTER can be. Luckily we already know it's between the steps leading up to the DATA CENTRE in this area and the exit closest to these steps from the FIELD HOSPITAL.

The only pre-requisite we need to have in order to pickup this cannister is the R.A.I K-84 WONDERWEAPON. It doesn't matter how you got the weapon whether you built it yourself collecting the parts and from the BLUEPRINT in the WEAPONS LAB, got it from the TRIALS COMPUTER as a reward or got lucky in the lottery and hit the jack pot in the MYSTERY BOX, all we care about have it! I don't need to see a receipt or anything.....however maybe hold onto it if you have one, as particle weapons are tax deductible I think.

When you dig the cannister up initially, it will do a Houdini and disappear. Don't panic, its just that this cannister has feelings and is a little scared. It has teleported to somewhere else in the BARRACKS area. Simply slowly walk around the area and poke head into the BARRACKS 1 and BARRACKS 2 buildings, as well as the FIELD HOSPITAL to see if you can see the purple glow from the cannister.

When you find it, don't go charging up to it or it will disappear again and you will have to find it again. Simply use the alternate fire on the R.A.I K-84 by pushing up on the D Pad for Xbox and shoot the cannister with it. If you have hit it correctly, you should be able to walk up to it while the alternate fire is still spinning around near it and pick up up way hay!

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out MrRoflWaffles video below;

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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