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Firebase Z Free Jump Pad Travel - Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies

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Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: -- Musical Easter Egg -- Building the R.A.I. K84 Wonder Weapon -- Free perk in Colonel's Office -- Free Loot Crate -- Free Jump Pad Travel -- Petting a Hellhound -- Upgraded Monkey Bombs --

Hey guys,

here is the guide on how to get free jump pad travel for the entire playthrough within the Firebase Z zombies map in Call Of Duty Cold War. Usually where I am from to get a free travel pass you need to be over 60, but luckily this time around travel is free for all ages thank god, saving us an absolute fortune.

Sometimes when in some confined areas, the zombies can overrun you. Having a quick escape in the form of a JUMP PAD can be a life saver at times.....however if you have just bought loads of upgrades and weapons etc, you may run up to a pad, about to activate it, only to find that.....yip your skint and don't have enough cash. That's usually where its game over if this was your last resort to survive and escape from impending doom.

Luckily if you do this in the earlier rounds, the following steps, you will have free travel to any of the holiday destinations within the sunny zombie infested resort of Firebase Z. These JUMP PADS you learn, while playing Firebase Z, are designed by Dr Peck who also likes to dance and bust some moves on the dancefloor as you have seen if you have been doing the main Easter Egg.

Lets join him and get our groove on and find out how to get free travel from these JUMP PADS.

Dancing so powerful I knew you would react

Before we do anything, we will need to have activated all of the 3 Aether Reactors within the map and restored power throughout. Once this has been completed, we also then need to take all 6 JUMP PADS around the map at least once. Once we have taken every jump pad around the map, one of the jump pads CONTROL PANELS will have a GREEN LIGHT ILLUMINATED on it. 

What you need to do is simply SHOOT THIS GLOWING GREEN BUTTON and put on your dancing shoes, as the jump pad becomes a dance pad that will displays arrows, telling which way to shake your booty toward with four directional prompts appearing on the pad's interface screen. 

Doing these movements successfully, while remaining on the pad of course, will automatically launch the player to the pad’s destination, letting you know you have successfully completed dancing on this one. One of the pads in the landing area you are throw to will have the green button on it. 

Simply rinse and repeat the same process as before:

  • Shoot the green button to activate Jump Pad as Dance Pad
  • Dance
  • Get thrown to another location
  • Find next jump pad with glowing green button on control panel

Completing the process for all six jump pads will reduce the price for the pads to 0 for the rest of the playthrough. If you fail any of the dance sequences, simply wait until the next round to start all over again from scratch. You cannot put a foot wrong when doing any of the moves otherwise it will not work.

Once you have completed this all Jump Pads will show a total cost to use of 0.

Here are the JUMP PAD LOCATIONS in the maps below if unfamiliar:

  • 2 Jump Pads in JUNGLE DEFENCE AREA



Still not sure how to do it? Then check out Mr Dalek JD's Youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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