Saturday, 13 February 2021

Firebase Z Map Layout MISSION CONTROL area - Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies

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Hey guys,

here is the map layout for the MISSION CONTROL area in the newest zombies map Firebase Z for Call Of Duty Cold War. This are has some key points to it, relating to the main Easter Egg as you need to talk to Dr Peck in his room he is hiding in as well as activating the power to get access to the scorched Defence area.

It has the following points of interest:
  • Aether Reactor to restore local power to the area (500 to activate)
  • 3 Aether Collectors to charge and protect
  • Speaking to Dr Peck
  • Access to OPEN LOT area
  • Access to Scorched Defence Area
  • 2 Jump Pads
  • Perk Machine - Stamin-up
  • FFAR1 wall buy - Costs 1750
  • Intel Pickup
  • Ammo Crate

MISSION CONTROL Ground Floor Map Layout:

MISSION CONTROL Upper Floor Map Layout:

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