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Firebase Z Upgraded Monkey Bombs - Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies


Map Layouts: -- Courtyard -- HeliPad -- Barracks -- Motor Pool -- Military Command -- Open Lot -- Mission Control -- Scorched Defence -- Jungle Defence -- Rocky Defence -- Data Centre -- Scientist Quarters / Briefing Room / Mess Hall / Pecks Quarters -- Weapons Lab -- OPC / Skybridge --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Secrets: -- Musical Easter Egg -- Building the R.A.I. K84 Wonder Weapon -- Free perk in Colonel's Office -- Free Loot Crate -- Free Jump Pad Travel -- Petting a Hellhound -- Upgraded Monkey Bombs --

Hey guys,

here is the quick guide on how you can get UPGRADED MONKEY BOMBS  in Firebase Z zombies map in Call Of Duty Cold War. Its very easy to do but in doing so, this will increase your monkey bombs blast damage as well as playing a cool new tune that the zombies will actually dance too before impending doom strikes and they are blown to smithereens. Might as well go with smile on face boogying the night away.

Its very easy to upgrade the monkey bomb and this is how....

Count to we are not playing hide and seek

All you have to do in order to get the UPGRADED MONKEY BOMB, is to get 50 kills in total in any of the following areas around the AETHER REACTORS, with the NORMAL MONKEY BOMB:

  • Mission Control Area
  • Data Centre Area
  • Military Command Area

The total of 50 kills can all be in the one area or spread across multiple areas it doesn't soon as you hit the 50 kills in total mark with the normal monkey bomb in these areas, you will automatically have your monkey bomb upgraded to the newer version.

It does look funny seeing the zombies dance just before they are blown to pieces, but it adds a touch of humour to the game, as well as confusing the hell out of your team mates as to what is going on who don't know about this secret.

These upgraded monkey bombs will deal a bit more damage than the normal ones making them a worthy investment.

Still not sure how to do it? Then check out Mr Dalek JD's Youtube video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys.


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