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Building Klaus in Mauer Der Toten - Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Map Layouts: -- Apartment Rooftops / 5th Floor Apartments / Destroyed Penthouse -- Hotel Rooms / Hallway / Lounge -- Korber Rooftop / Garment Factory -- East Berlin Streets / Grocery Store / Alley / Factory Stairway --  Service Passage / Ghost Station / Safe House / Maintenance Tunnel -- West Berlin Street / Blasted Suite / Department Store -- Checkpoint Charlie / Death Strip --

Secrets: -- Building / Upgrading Klaus -- Turning on the Power / Pack A Punch -- Dark Aether Tool -- Easter Egg Song -- Disco Bunny -- CRBRS Upgrades --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hey guys,

here is how to build and upgrade KLAUS within the Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies map Mauer Der Toten. This terminator type robot is a kick ass companion that helps you slaughter zombies for zero pay and is afraid of no one. He also lets off some cool one liners from time to time which will put a smile on your face.

You gave him life by putting him together and firing up his circuits up one more time, so the least he can do is annihilate zombie hordes for you while enjoying himself. A zombie killing machine and he can be funny at same time? I want one for Christmas!

First things we need to do before proceeding are:

  • Activating the Power
  • Activating Pack A Punch

Here is how we build KLAUS and let him into our lives....

Feels like my brain is rotting inside

What we need to do first is save up and buy the BRAIN ROT AMMO from the Pack A Punch machine and put it on one of your weapons. 

We need this special ammo to turn a zombie into an ally, so that he can smash down a boarded up door in the HOTEL ROOM NUMBER 305 area as shown below:

Head over to the HOTEL and go to ROOM 305, then simply shoot a zombie with the BRAIN ROT AMMO within this room and he will immediately become your friend instantly, like adding you on Facebook, who will then charge towards the boarded up door within the room, smashing the wooden boards to smithereens.

This will reveal a gruesome scene in the room you then enter as there is a person on the bed who appears to have been strangled by a robots hands. These are KLAUS's hands and simply need picked up and removed from the deceased body on the bed who seems to be called AGENT JACK.

Count to 10

The first part we can only get after round 10. This is because that's when the first KRASNY SOLDAT spawns on the map which is an armoured killing machine firing rockets and hell every which way it looks. 

All we need to do is kill him and he will drop the BATTERY PART for you to pickup that will power KLAUS' circuits: 

Give Klaus a hand getting up dude

Now we have the 2 most essential parts any robots needs, hands and power. Now we need to head down to the SAFE HOUSE area where KLAUS is sitting in his chair and we need to insert the battery and attach his hands when prompted.

Once he is online, you can tell him where to go by pressing the tactical button on your controller or keyboard. It will show a GREEN CIRCLE on the ground where he will go to when you give him an order.

What we need to do now is go to the SWITCH CONTROL ROOM area and located the following locker shown below. Simply command KLAUS to stand in front of it and he will break open the locker for you revealing the BLACKLIGHT you can pick up, which will replace your current FLASHLIGHT.

Who wants microwave popcorn?

Next we need to find the MICROWAVE DISH which will involve some digging around in the dirt, which is usually fun, but not doing it in a post apocalyptic world where automated gun turrets wanting to mow you down and zombies have you down as part of their 3 course meal.

This means we need to head to the DEATHSTRIP area which is located where the guard towers are towering above the map. Check all the raised bits of dirt and keep digging them all until it appears, then pick the MICROWAVE DISH.

A Garment fit for a Klaus

Now we need to take the MICROWAVE DISH over to the UPGRADE STATION for Klaus in the GARMENT FACTORY, this will in turn repair the upgrade terminal:

Now we need to spawn in Klaus if he has disappeared, he does a Superman thing sometimes and flies away into the air when he is done. you can summons Klaus near this terminal by simply heading out of the GARMENT FACTORY and onto the KORBER ROOFTOP and there will be a yellow radio to SUMMON KLAUS again, costing 200.

Now instruct him to stand in front of the UPGRADE STATION where he will need to get around 25-30 zombies kills near it. Once he has enough kills, the light on top of the UPGRADE STATION will turn green.

Now if you command KLAUS in front of the UPGRADE STATION he will get into it and some lasers will start firing and automatically start going to work on him. When this happens, a 1 minute lockdown will be initiated and you will have to defend KLAUS from an large onslaught of very unhappy zombies of all different variations during this time.

Once the timer is up and he jumps back out of the upgrade station with an upgraded weapon, making his upgrade level now at Tier 1, we can then move on.

Anyone use a floppy drive anymore?

Now the last things we need to find are 2 floppy disks in order to completely upgrade Klaus. These will appear in a possible 6 spawn locations which we will dive into right away. Only 2 of these locations will actually contain a floppy disk and it changes every play through.

Also, remember the BLACKLIGHT you picked up after activating Klaus?  This is where it will come into use.When you go to each of these locations, shine the BLACKLIGHT on each of the small boxes on the walls that may contain a floppy disk. If you see a robot Klaus head appear to the side of the box, then that means it contains a FLOPPY DISK.

You then simply summon KLAUS and command him directly in front of that box on the wall and he will smash it open for you, allowing you to pick the disk up, if you do not see a robot head to the side of the box, don't waste your money or time summoning Klaus and move onto the next possible spawn location.

Floppy Disk Location 1 - West Berlin Streets area at the front of "Cafe Muller"

Floppy Disk Location 2 - Blasted Suite area on the wall near the rappel

Floppy Disk Location 3 - Maintenance Tunnel area next to the Power Room

Floppy Disk Location 4 - Ghost Station area on one of the platforms

Floppy Disk Location 5 - in the Hotel area, Hotel Lounge facing the bar

Floppy Disk Location 6 - 5th Floor Apartments area next to the bookcase

Now that we should have found the 2 FLOPPY COSMETIC DISKS we need to head back to the GARMENT FACTORY and over to the UPGRADE STATION and order KLAUS into it again. Once inside it hold the USE BUTTON and it will begin the UPGRADE PROCESS.

He will then get a new change of clothes along with an upgraded weapon with an alternate ammo type equipped on it when he pops out. Simply order him into the machine one more time and he will be upgraded again. This means he will last forever in the game and will be stronger when attacking and also revives downed team mates....he's one of the team basically.

Still unsure how to do it? Then check out MrRoflWaffles video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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