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Turning on the power and Pack A Punch in Mauer Der Toten - Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies


Map Layouts: -- Apartment Rooftops / 5th Floor Apartments / Destroyed Penthouse -- Hotel Rooms / Hallway / Lounge -- Korber Rooftop / Garment Factory -- East Berlin Streets / Grocery Store / Alley / Factory Stairway --  Service Passage / Ghost Station / Safe House / Maintenance Tunnel -- West Berlin Street / Blasted Suite / Department Store -- Checkpoint Charlie / Death Strip --

Secrets: -- Building / Upgrading Klaus -- Turning on the Power / Pack A Punch -- Dark Aether Tool -- Easter Egg Song -- Disco Bunny -- CRBRS Upgrades --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hey guys,

here is how turn on the power and activate Pack A Punch within the Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies map Mauer Der Toten. This is probably one of the easiest maps I have seen for turning the power on, it literally just involves collecting 2 fuses, collecting 1 each from 2 Tempest zombies we will steal them from, so no need to call in a qualified electrician.

The speed of this Tempest zombie arriving on site puts electricians to shame, as he has of course mastered the art of teleportation and defying gravity, which is 2 neat party tricks I wouldn't mind having I tell you. Plus the Tempest carries all the right parts to complete a job in the form of a fuse.

Lets see how we get the juice back into these city streets.....

Ex-fuse me sir

First up, we simply need to head over to the Easter Berlin Streets area to where the ELECTRONICS STORE is located. This is just down from the BAR at the T junction in the middle of the street.

If you go through the bar and go out its back door to the electronic store, a TEMPEST will spawn inside the store near where the upgrade station is in this store.

if you approach the store from the outside in the street, the TEMPEST will spawn in the middle of the street in front of the electronics store. no matter where he spawns, he will need to be met by the same fate, that is annihilation. 

Simply kill him as quickly as possible and he will drop a FUSE, 1 of 2, for you to pick up and we can move onto the next step.

I didn't know the Tempest had a twin!

Since we are already in the East Berlin Streets, we simply need to head down the stairs to the underground GHOST STATION area and make our way through a few doors to get to the POWER ROOM which is just beside the MAINTENANCE TUNNEL you will go through to get to it.

Walk up to the POWER SWITCH in centre of the room and flick the switch, but don't hold your breath if you think the power will come on, you still haven't paid your electric bill in my books.

When you see the power does not come on, you will hear a voice telling you to find another fuse. We now need to head to the back of the POWER ROOM to the door that leads down to the SEWER ACCESS area.

Once you enter this area another TEMPEST will spawn, and we just need to repeat what we done to the previous TEMPEST, show him whose boss by blowing him to pieces with some heavy fire power.

He will guessed it, drop a fuse that you will need to pick up. once picked up we need to head back up to the POWER ROOM.

Electricity is not con-fuse-ing

Now we are in the POWER ROOM, simply insert the 2 fuses into the electrical panel to the right of the power switch and you can then rethrow the power switch and ......LET THERE BE LIGHT! the power will start feeding into he level and the lights will finally come on so that you can see into those dark murky corners in each of the rooms.

Power Packs a real Punch!

Now we have the power on, we can simply head over to the Pack A Punch machine located  at Checkpoint Charlie and investigate it by holding the use button. This will show up asking you to "Confront the Dark Aether".

This will cause the Disciple and the surrounding Tempests to go from purple to red, possibly making them angry as hell, and they will then drop down from their hovering state and start attacking you.

Kill all of the Tempests and surrounding zombies and when you kill the DISCIPLE, a shock wave will go out from the PACK A PUNCH MACHINE and it will now be available for you to Pack A Punch your weapons.

This is probably the easiest way to get Pack A Punch in a long time as a lot of the previous zombies maps required quite a bit of flaffing around to get it up and running so enjoy it while it lasts, as the next map might be ten times as hard to activate.

Still not sure how to do it? then check out Rage6amer's video below:

Thanks for reading as always


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