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Mauer Der Toten map layout - Disco Bunny Easter Egg

Map Layouts: -- Apartment Rooftops / 5th Floor Apartments / Destroyed Penthouse -- Hotel Rooms / Hallway / Lounge -- Korber Rooftop / Garment Factory -- East Berlin Streets / Grocery Store / Alley / Factory Stairway --  Service Passage / Ghost Station / Safe House / Maintenance Tunnel -- West Berlin Street / Blasted Suite / Department Store -- Checkpoint Charlie / Death Strip --

Secrets: -- Building / Upgrading Klaus -- Turning on the Power / Pack A Punch -- Dark Aether Tool -- Easter Egg Song -- Disco Bunny -- CRBRS Upgrades --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hey guys,

here is the guide on how to activate the Bunny Easter Egg within the Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies map Mauer Der Toten. This is a great way to get lots of free stuff such as the CRBRS wonder weapon for free, Juggernog perk among many other rewards, all by simply surviving 3 increasingly difficult waves of zombies in the middle of a kick ass disco.

You can also repeat this process exactly 15 rounds later to re-enter the disco if you did not get what you hoped for the first time around as well as every 15 consecutive rounds completed thereafter. 

Bunny Part 1 Location - He's legging it!

The first bunny part location is in the GROCERY STORE, sitting on the end of the shelves with the empty liquor bottles. It's the shelf immediately underneath the top one.

Simply hold the use button to pick i up and lets move onto the next location.

Bunny Part 2 Location - He's in the bar now and totally legless!

The second bunny part location is in the BAR just across the road from the GROCERY STORE, sitting on the sofa to the left of the Juggernog machine, chilling over a pint.

Pick the bunnies second leg up and lets move onto the next location.

Bunny Part 3 Location - This bunny would forget its head if it wasn't screwed on

The third bunny part location is in the ALLEY area, just underneath the window that leads into the FACTORY STAIRWAY.

Simply go into the corner and pick it up and lets move onto the next location.

Bunny Part 4 Location - Belly of the beast

The fourth bunny part location is in the DEPARTMENT STORE area, accessible by taking the zipline from WEST BERLIN STREET up to it.

The bunny torso or body is sitting on the shelf with all the kitchen gadgets.....looks like someone was maybe going to make a stew out of him at one point.

Bunny Part 5 Location - Who flushed my bunny down the toilet?

The fifth bunny part location is in the SEWER ACCESS area, right where you open the door from the GHOST STATION area, take an immediate left and it's in the corner closest to you.

It looks like his arm, give the bunny a hand and pick this up, then lets move onto the final part location.

Bunny Part 6 Location - Living the life of luxury

The sixth bunny part location is in the HOTEL ROOM 304 area, and is in the corner where there is a desk with a light on. You will see the blue bunny arm sitting on top of the desk.

Pick it up and you will then be instantly teleported into the disco where there is a bunny doing great at weddings I am thinking this bunny,

Do I need ID to get into this night club?

When you teleport into this disco, all the zombies are dancing and bigging up the tunes. They are having the time of their lives.....well.....their undead part of their life.....technically if they are dead.....there is no life.....oh I give up!

They are dancing away to the beat you can hear in the background, but when the beat stops after like 30 seconds, its dinner time and you are the only thing on the menu this evening.

When they attack you, there will be 3 waves. The first wave is the normal everyday zombies we have come to know, but they get incrementally harder each wave spawning in more difficult types of enemy as you would expect. 

Once you have survived all 3 waves, the bunny will invite you up onto the stage where you will find 3 doors. you only have a limited amount of time before being teleported back to the real world, so you need to choose quickly which one of the 3 doors you would like to open and then open the loot crate that is inside.

if you did not get a good reward when you claimed your prize, don't worry, you can retry this game of chance every 15 rounds.

Hey DJ hit the replay button on this track!

Don't be disheartened if you did not get anything of value the first time around in the disco, we can retry 15 rounds after the one we had a go and opened one of the doors in. So for instance if you done it the first time around on round 10, then it would be round 26 you would try this again as you would be starting fresh on round 11.

To try this again however you do not need to collect anymore bunny parts, I know it felt like Build A Bunny there for a while, but all you have to do is go to the EAST BERLIN STREETS area each time you have progressed the 15 rounds, and look towards the building with the purple sign lit up saying "Hasenbau", near the dead end just outside the ELECTRONICS SHOP.

You will see a floor with 2 windows lit up yellow and on the window on the left you will see the bunny sitting on the window sill. Simply shoot the bunny in cold blood with any weapon and you will be transported back into the disco with a better chance of getting an even better reward each time you go through and survive the waves of zombies.

You can then do this as many times as you like, providing you survive each of the 15 round sets, that you need to go through in order to see the bunny appear again at the same location.

As mentioned before, some of the rewards can be free Juggernog Perk, free wonder weapon the CRBRS and many more, its a total lottery and game of chance what you will receive so good luck!

Still not sure how to do? Then check out MrDalekJD's video below:

Thanks for reading as always guys


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