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Mauer Der Toten map layout - East Berlin Streets, Alley, Grocery Store and Factory Stairway

Map Layouts: -- Apartment Rooftops / 5th Floor Apartments / Destroyed Penthouse -- Hotel Rooms / Hallway / Lounge -- Korber Rooftop / Garment Factory -- East Berlin Streets / Grocery Store / Alley / Factory Stairway --  Service Passage / Ghost Station / Safe House / Maintenance Tunnel -- West Berlin Street / Blasted Suite / Department Store -- Checkpoint Charlie / Death Strip --

Secrets: -- Building / Upgrading Klaus -- Turning on the Power / Pack A Punch -- Dark Aether Tool -- Easter Egg Song -- Disco Bunny -- CRBRS Upgrades --

Easter Egg Guide: -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 --

Hey guys,

here is the map layout for the East Berlin Streets, Alley, Grocery Store and Factory Stairway areas within the Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies map Mauer Der Toten. This is quite a large area with lots of zombie spawn points from all different directions so you really need to be careful here and watch your backs when in this area as it can fill up fast with crazy zombie fans wanting a chunk of your flesh, I mean an autograph.

This area when walking into it also spawns a TEMPEST zombies which hovers above the ground defying gravity, while firing electricity bolts left right and centre. When hit with electricity bolt it damages you but also impairs part of your vision on the HUD with an electricity jolt to your system...its not how I would want to spend my Friday night getting jolted by these crazy Raiden from Mortal Kombat wannabe's I can tell you.

Soon as you see them drill them with all the fire power you have to get them outta the way early, as when running into them in large numbers can prove to be a right nuisance. This can be seen when going to the Pack A Punch machine and trying to activate it.

Points of Interest in this area:

  • Access to Garment Factory Area
  • Access to Service Passage Area
  • Access to West Berlin Street Area
  • 2 Ammo Crates
  • Jugger-nog Perk Machine located in the Bar
  • Upgrade Station located in the Electronics Store
  • AK74-u wall buy costs 1250
  • KSP 45 Wall Buy costs 2250
  • Type 63 wall buy costs 1500
  • Mystery Box spawn location
  • Work Bench in Military Tent
  • Intel Pickup location
  • Crafting Table
  • Klaus radio to make him spawn
  • Musical Cassette Tape location (1 of 3 - part of the musical Easter egg)
  • Number pair for free CRBRS wonder weapon Easter egg
  • Powered zipline with access to destroyed Penthouse in Grocery Store
  • Tempest Spawn location which gives you 1 of the fuses needed to turn power on
  • 3 Stereo / Radio locations that need shot with the CRBRS wonder weapon in order to reveal the TRANSISTOR PART. This is part  1 of 3 of BUILDING THE HEAD GEAR
  • 2 Essence Harvester Spawn Locations
  • Cleansed Rock Pickup Location - after smashing two parts of Uranium Rock together on the ziplines between Korber Rooftop and Destroyed Penthouse, it will drop down into the street the "Cleansed Rock"
  • Disco Bunny Easter Egg Part pickup locations 3 of 6
  • Disco bunny spawn location allowing you to re-enter the BUNYN DISCO every 15 consecutive rounds. Great if you did not get a good reward first time around. Bunny appears every 15 rounds on the building with the sign saying "Hasenbau" in the Easter Berlin Streets Area.

Map Layout for Easter Berlin Streets:

Map Layout for Alley:

Map Layout for Factory Stairway: 

Map Layout for Grocery Store: 

As always thanks for reading guys and I will keep updating the maps as I find out more and progress through the Easter Egg etc.


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